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Mar 30, 2020


My pooch loves them and they help his hips and energy! Carolyn C., in Winchester, VA

Mar 30, 2020


Well our 11 year old Rot has had arthritis since birth in her two front shoulders – then tore both her ACL’s in the r...

Mar 27, 2020


Jackson has arthritis and hip dysplasia.  I noticed an improvement after the first dose!!! I will keep buying it!!   ...

Mar 24, 2020


Chico, my 13-year old sight-impaired, arthritis-in-his-shoulders rescue Pug (became my buddy 5 years ago) has been en...

Feb 24, 2020


I've been giving this to my 11 yr old Weimaraner for a while now.  She loves the taste.  Even if I drip it on her paw...

Jan 13, 2020

Maggie and Cali

Maggie is a 13 year-old Beagle with severe arthritis who underwent an ACL surgery 4 months ago.Cali is an anxious mix...

Nov 7, 2019


We give Otter your product for his arthritis and collapsing trachea issues. We notice the CBD oil helps him be comfor...

Aug 20, 2019


Ben is almost 12 and has various aches and pains, not the least of which are his legs. The poor guy was having a lot ...

Aug 6, 2019

Gadget + Fletcher

Gadget has started suffering from collapsed discs in his back causing extreme pain and very limited movement. While R...

May 13, 2019


Our girl Zena is an almost 12 year old GSD and suffers from arthritis in her hips and back, causing limited mobility ...

Feb 12, 2019


My girl is almost 15 (in April) she has had ACL surgery about three years ago now and that worked until well about a ...

Jan 4, 2019


We found Austin and Kat through a friend/dog trainer who recommends the product to her clients for anxiety. We first ...
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