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CBD biscuits and oils specifically formulated for healthier, calmer and happier pets.

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Our Story

Created for my pets, dedicated to yours

Austin and Kat began at home in my kitchen, where I first started baking dog biscuits with CBD to help Brady, my Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, cope with the symptoms of older age. I had no idea then that today my homemade treats would go on to improve the lives of so many pets and people across the country.

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Made with love for the ones you love

Ingredients Matter

Made with love for the ones you love

I’d never treat my pets with ingredients I wouldn’t eat myself. Every one of our products is made with wholesome and delicious human-grade ingredients like blueberries, egg, and salmon—and they’re all natural and gluten free to boot.

Our Ingredients
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Why CBD?

CBD can help the four-legged members of your family run, romp, and roam at their best by giving your pets relief from lots of common issues.

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Calm & Quiet
Hips & Joints
September 2019

Modern Dog

“If you think your dog would benefit from CBD, then check out Austin and Kat’s CBD Infused Wellness Dog Biscuits! These small snacks are packed with big flavors and are wheat-free and vegan. Your dog will definitely wolf these snacks down!”

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May 2019

The Wall Street Journal

"Ms. Hightower, a 63-year-old homemaker in Madison, N.J., says the biscuits have helped calm Moose’s sudden shaking and hiding under furniture. “It takes the edge off his anxiety,” she says. The supplements contain a hemp extract called cannabidiol, or CBD, which has garnered a flurry of interest among people who take it for everything from sleep to stress reduction."

March 2019


"Imagine my delight when I discovered Kat Donatello, Founder of Austin and Kat, a high quality CBD wellness pet product company."

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February 2019

Pet's Plus

"Austin and Kat’s mission has always been to have a happier, calmer, and healthier pet – using the exceptional benefits of CBD."

September 2018

Modern Cat

"If you think your cat or dog would benefit from CBD, check out the Austin and Kat CBD Hemp Oil for Pets brand. ...we love that their CBD Oil is also combined with wild Alaskan salmon and hemp seed oils to provide those important Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids that are so beneficial to maintaining a healthy skin, coat and body."

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