Lab Tests

Consistency is very important to me, so we have our batches rigorously lab tested to make sure every product is of the highest, choicest quality. We test each batch through a 3rd party independent laboratory to ensure we’re delivering the same amount of CBD as advertised on the label.

Within our quality assurance process, we test the potency of our supplies and products both before and after baking, and the pharmaceutical grade hemp supplied to us is once again 3rd-party tested to ensure it meets our high standards for safety and potency.
We believe in full transparency and by providing you with our test results, you can be 100% confident that you are getting exactly what you’ve paid for.

Note: The batch number of your CBD product is listed on the "Best By" sticker on the bottom of the package.

2mg Biscuit
5mg Biscuit
10mg Biscuit
100mg Oils
300mg Oils
600mg Oils
1200mg Oils
2400mg Oils
Raw Extract
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