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Right from the beginning we've used the highest-quality ingredients, invested in comprehensive testing, and done everything we can to protect the environment. We focus on bringing real science and best manufacturing practices to make the very best products we can to redefine nutritional health and wellness for your pet.

Each batch is tested at a 3rd party independent lab to ensure everything is as it should be. Within our quality assurance process, we test the potency of our supplies and products both before and after production, and the pharmaceutical grade hemp supplied to us is once again 3rd-party tested to ensure it meets our high standards for safety and potency.

For a full-panel analysis of our most recent hemp oil extract, please download our latest test results here. For product test results, please use the search toolbar below.

Note: The batch number or lot code of your CBD product is listed next to the "Best By" sticker on the back or bottom of the package (for example, enter "1908_10mg" in the field below).

To learn more about our CBD input ingredients, or for help downloading or understanding your lab test, please email us at

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