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A Path to Sustainable Pet Products

Responsible manufacturing extends far beyond delivering safe products with high quality ingredients - pet companies like ours have a responsibility to limit their carbon footprint and to try and make a difference for the environment. We’re all in this together!

 At Austin and Kat we’ve always put pets before profits and we’re super proud to provide support to dogs and cats that don’t have a voice of their own. Mother Nature also needs our help and we’re working to give the planet a voice, too. It all starts with developing a keen awareness about the long-term impact of waste and pollution and spreading the word that small incremental changes can add up to so much more.

By taking steps to create more eco-friendly pet products, we’re trying to lead by example and help the pet industry move forward as a whole. From ethically sourced ingredients to sustainable packaging, we’re taking steps to reduce waste and limit the amount of trash contributed to landfills. Better yet, we’ve partnered with the leading voice in pet sustainability, the PSC, to educate ourselves on every aspect of a more sustainable lifestyle and manufacturing process.

What is the PSC?

As a collaborative accelerator, the Pet Sustainability Coalition is a collection of like-minded and world renowned partners that educate, inspire, and push our industry on its journey toward sustainability. 

The PSC has worked on a number of initiatives, including developing guidelines for sustainable pet food, promoting adoption instead of buying pets, and reducing the use of plastic bags by pet owners. One of the coalition's most successful initiatives has been its campaign to encourage people to adopt shelter animals instead of buying pets from breeders or pet stores. The campaign has been successful in reducing the number of animals euthanized each year and has helped increase the number of adoptions from shelters.

So what does sustainable manufacturing look like?

Sustainable manufacturing is a process that does not deplete or damage the earth's natural resources. It is a process that recycles and uses renewable resources whenever possible. In sustainable manufacturing, factories are designed to use less energy and emit fewer pollutants. The goal is to produce goods in an environmentally responsible way while preserving the planet for future generations.

Sustainable manufacturing focuses on producing materials and products in a way that does not compromise the environment now or in the future. This often means incorporating principles of green chemistry and engineering into the production process. For example, using renewable energy sources, recycling and reusing materials, and reducing waste. In addition to being environmentally friendly, sustainable manufacturing is also economical. It can help companies save money by reducing energy use and waste disposal costs.

Embracing Sustainable Sourcing

Becoming a Paperless Warehouse

Reducing our Overall Footprint

Empowering our Employees

Offsetting Carbon & Giving Back

Our Lowest Impact Products

We're taking extra special care to reduce the footprint associated with every one of our products, but for those looking to make the biggest difference we've done the carbon calculations to determine what products have the lowest impact when purchased. What goes into this analysis? Everything from the distance and shipping method of our ingredients to the packaging components and manufacturing process. We look forward to reducing the impact of all of our products even further, but this is a great place to start!

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