• Blend#4 broad spectrum hemp extract is chock full of terpenes, rich in minor cannabinoids, and includes the prized molecule from raw hemp - CBDA
  • Austin and Kat's special blend#4 hemp extract is exclusive to their formulas!
  • our search for the perfect hemp extract

    It’s been 10 years since Kat discovered the power of hemp extracts and we're still finding new and exciting ways to improve upon our formulas. BLEND#4 dives into the emerging science of raw hemp, encapsulating the cannabis plant’s complex composition in a way that is much closer to nature. We've managed to unlock this raw, unprocessed magic by partnering with the most respected extraction team in the industry, KND Labs. Through an innovative combination of extraction methods this latest blend is truly a game-changer, boasting a robust profile of cannabinoids that work synergistically, enhancing each other's benefits.

  • Austin and Kat partners with NASC-recognized supplier, KND Labs.
  • a shared commitment to quality & safety

    We are very proud of our new partnership with KND Labs, the award winning NASC Supplier of the Year, for 2 CONSECUTIVE YEARS! They're an incredible company filled with great people who love dogs, and we share a common interest in finding the safest and most effective formulas to help our pets. Kat recently toured their facility in Denver, CO and got to see first hand the team's commitment to pulling the purest extracts from the hemp plant. It was amazing to see them at work. We're very grateful for all of KND's efforts researching and developing new extraction techniques and for all their contributions to crafting our new BLEND#4.

from BLEND#3 to BLEND#4

A few years ago our BLEND#3 launched - it set the standard for a true broad spectrum extract. We're so excited to announce that our new BLEND#4 is finally available and it’s an even bigger jump forward.

Our CBD rich hemp extracts and formulations have built a following for pet parents who are looking for results, and to be honest we didn't think we could do much to improve it…but in recent years an overlooked molecule has come into the spotlight that when combined with CBD creates a synergism that's more than the sum of its parts. This is why we like to say 1+1 = 3, and the results truly speak for themselves.

Never heard of CBDA or confused what all the excitement is about? If you’re wondering why CBDA is only now arriving on the scene there’s a surprisingly simple reason: it was overlooked by science! For the longest time people thought CBDA was simply the inactive form of CBD, but sure enough it was found to have its own remarkable properties. Below is a comprehensive guide to BLEND#4 - we hope the following information gives you a clear understanding of why we are so enthusiastic about our latest creation.

  • Raw Hemp Benefits for Dogs FAQs
  • Why does raw hemp matter?
    Raw hemp refers to the unprocessed, natural form of the hemp plant. Raw ingredients retain a higher level of nutrients and phyto-chemicals in their active forms compared to processed ingredients, preserving the natural synergy of enzymes and co-factors found in the living plant. These unaltered nutrients maintain higher bioavailability, meaning that the body can absorb and utilize them more efficiently. In contrast, processing methods alter the structure of nutrients, making them less bioavailable. By adding raw cannabinoids to our blend, the natural form of these nutrients is preserved, enhancing absorption and utilization.

    What are raw cannabinoids?
    Hemp plants naturally produce over 100 different antioxidant cannabinoids that have evolved together as a protection mechanism for hemp plants. Those same compounds work together to benefit people and pets, and some are more potent than others. Raw cannabinoids, like CBDA, are sensitive to heat and chemicals, so they can only be found from cold-pressed extracts that are minimally processed. These cannabinoids hold their natural acidic forms, which work on different pathways in the body compared to processed ones.

  • Are all hemp plants high in CBDA?
    CBDA is the most abundant raw cannabinoid in hemp, but not all hemp plants have high CBDA content. The plants used to create our extracts are specially bred to be extra rich in CBDA - this is achieved through traditional methods of selective breeding (no GMO's here).

    Where does the hemp used in your extracts come from? Do you grow it?
    Instead of growing hemp ourselves, we've put extra focus on sourcing the best ingredients and partnering with the right people. Our hemp is sourced through domestic farmers who have registered locations with their State Departments of Agriculture. Every batch is tracked to its originating farm with full transparency.

    Have you done your own scientific studies on raw hemp and/or CBDA?
    Simply, no. We haven't commissioned any projects with research institutions, but we're proud to partner with industry scientists that are experts in hemp extraction and the science of hemp supplementation. We've always made products for our very own pets, and our approach is to work directly with people and pets in real life applications.

  • US Grown and Processed Hemp Blends & Extracts for Dogs FAQs
  • What's the difference between, full-spectrum, broad-spectrum, and isolate?
    Full spectrum extracts generally contain a wide range of cannabinoids, including trace amounts of THC. Broad spectrum extracts remove the (harmful) THC but retain the valuable cannabinoids and terpenes. Isolates (think pharmaceutical grade) have only a single compound. The purity of isolates can be a good thing, but when it comes to hemp extracts the terpenes and valuable minor cannabinoids play a major role in the effectiveness of the extract.
    Because of this. we use broad spectrum because it has the harmful THC removed but all the minor cannabinoids are left in place.

    Why do you avoid full-spectrum with THC?
    The science is clear that THC in even small amounts can be harmful to animals, particularly dogs. Large amounts can cause a neurological condition called “Static Ataxia”, but more importantly low concentrations still accumulate in fat deposits and create health issues over time. Many products have much higher THC than we believe is safe, and some states have banned CBD products with THC

  • How is CBDA extracted?
    Our supplier, KND, uses high-quality raw hemp selectively bred for high CBDA content. This raw hemp is soaked in alcohol to extract CBDA and other alcohol-soluble cannabinoids, then the extraction process goes one step further by filtering to remove impurities and then goes through the normal cannabinoid winterization process using alcohol to remove the fats and lipids. This high quality CBDA extract is then combined with our broad spectrum CBD distillate to create our Blend#4, the perfect combination of cannabinoids that is both pet-safe and highly effective.

    If your new blend is so much better, why isn't the price going up?
    We're confident we can make an impact on more pet's lives by elevating our products while not elevating our prices. Making everything ourselves makes us almost unique in the industry. It ensures we’re able to buy the best ingredients and ensure our quality is always up to the best standards. Over time we’ve been able to improve our efficiency at the same time as evolving our products, and we’re proudly passing those benefits on to our customers.

  • Austin and Kat's unique new product formulas with CBD + CBDA for dogs and cats FAQs
  • Where are the new formulas made?
    The same place as everything from Austin and Kat…by hand, by us, at our very own “Makery” in Seattle. Our team ethos is always "the best stuff, made with purpose, done right."

    Do pet owners need to transition their pet from the old oil to the new one?
    No. Think of the BLEND#4 products as “new and improved”, like potato chips with ripples in them (i.e. same but different, although for us, it’s ripples every time). We've committed countless hours of research and development to create a highly palatable formula, but for those picky eaters out there we suggest slowly transitioning formulas from our original product, adding a little more of the CBDA version at a time.

    Are the new formulas safe for cats?
    You bet - there have been extensive trials on the safety and efficacy of CBDA in both dogs & cats. In fact, a recent study by the National Animal Supplement Council was truly exciting news (see below)!

    Will CBDA react with any medications?
    Full stop, this is definitely a better question suited for a veterinarian and we always recommend a discussion before trying something new. With that said, we haven't heard of any major complications with any medications as of now.

  • How did you end up with your ratio of amounts for CBD to CBDA?
    we tested several ratios and none of them worked better than 10:4 (or 5:2 for those who don't like our trucker radio-speak!). It makes sense to use less CBDA because it’s more powerful and bioavailable than CBD. There’s also a practical reason... CBDA has a really bitter taste. For example, Austin is not a picky eater and he refuses to take oils that are any higher than this. At the end of the day if something tastes bad then a dog/cat won't touch it!

    With the 10:4 ratio does that mean the pet needs less vs 100% CBD?
    CBDA activates a different pathway than CBD so it’s more likely that a dog or cat will find the formula has a more rounded out collection of benefits compared to needing less. Generally, our experience is that using more CBD is just better anyway (and it's certainly safe well above any dosage we've ever recommended). That said, if you find you can use less, then use less!

a quick summary on BLEND#4

  • CBDA is much more bioavailable

    Several studies have been published that show CBDA is up to 14x more bioavailable than CBD. Better yet, it stays in an animal's system longer - driving its benefits for an extended period of time (in other words, a little goes a longer way)

  • CBD+CBDA are more effective together

    While CBDA can be stronger than CBD, the most important fact is that they're best together. These synergistic cannabinoids work on different pathways to support the same benefits, like balancing inflammatory pathways.

  • ingredients matter, especially for hemp

    There are so many companies out there that are only providing CBD in their products, and they're simply missing the point. Hemp plants have evolved all sorts of incredible cannabinoids, and the best extracts mimic this natural profile.

  • BLEND#4 has over 40% more cannabinoids

    We've gotten closer to the natural hemp plant by upping our cannabinoid content across the board, paying special attention to the potent benefits of "minor" cannabinoids and giving them the spotlight they deserve.

  • our formulas have changed, but not our prices

    We're proud to put pets first, and we are completely invested in improving pet health around the world - we happily make the tradeoff of spending a little more in order to pass the best collection of benefits to pets as possible.

National Animal Supplement Council CBD Safety for Dogs Study 2023

BIG NEWS: long-term use of CBD & CBDA is confirmed 100% safe!

If you haven’t heard the buzz…the NASC recently announced the successful completion of the FIRST EVER LONGITUDINAL CBD SAFETY STUDY! This news is a real feather in the industry's cap, and confirms what we’ve known all along….both CBD and CBDA are completely safe to use and can be tolerated by pets long-term. We're very proud to contribute safety data that supported that study, tracking millions of administrations of hemp products to pets nationwide.

Founder Kat and her dog, Austin on a hike

have any questions about Blend#4 & CBDA?

We're so excited to introduce our new blend and share all about its development. We'll be posting all sorts of blogs and information on our research in the coming months, but for now if you have any questions at all don't hesitate to reach out!