Introducing our Liquid Omega Duo

A top priority is keeping my pack’s skin and coat in tip top condition and the key to that is ensuring they get the right balance of Omega 3s, 6s, and 9s.

We’ve been working tirelessly testing and developing these two new products at our Makery HQ, and we're ecstatic that they're finally ready for launch. Both have hemp oil, but one is fish based and the other features algae.

Austin's Everything Oil

Made from sustainably caught wild sardine, anchovy, and mackerel, with organic hemp seed oil, this Omega 3/6/9 blend helps keep your pet's skin radiant and their coat as lustrous as the day they first captured your heart.

Blanca's Marine Algae Oil

A vegan blend of Omega 3’s offering a planet-friendly alternative to traditional fish oils, with incredible results for skin and coat plus added benefits for the heart and brain. We’ve used sustainably sourced marine microalgae with natural, non-GMO plant based oils to create a formula that has lighter environmental footprint without compromising on effectiveness.

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