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Passionate People, Putting Pets First

It takes more than superstar ingredients to make products that set the highest standard in the industry- it takes a dedicated team of like-minded pet owners (that's us!) eager to ask the right questions, roll up our sleeves, and find the best answers... we're here to support you as you guide your pet through their life journey.

Kat Donatello

Kat is our fearless leader and the passionate pet parent that started it all. While Kat spent the early years of her career as an award winning triathlon event director and a 15 year ironman athlete in 2014, she took a new path and became a CBD and holistic health advocate for pets.

Hailing from Seattle, Kat and Tim are the proud pet parents to Austin, Lady Harper, and Bailey. As well as parents to four amazing young women.

PetAge 2020 Woman of Influence

Tim Moxey

Tim is Kat’s husband and our COO. After getting his MBA from Dartmouth's Tuck school, he worked at Bain & Company. In 2004 he founded sports hydration company “nuun”, triathlon brand blueseventy, and even one of the first legal cannabis companies in the US (Mr. Moxey’s Mints).

Tim's lived in the UK, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, and Seattle, USA with Kat and their three dogs, Austin, Lady Harper, and Bailey.

Do you have a passion for pets?

Help us help pets across the country lead healthier, happier lives. Austin and Kat is a small team with big goals, and we’re growing fast.

Meet the Dogs

Austin and Kat started with Kat's search for a natural solution to her dog's needs. Today, her dogs continue to inspire new formulas and products - and, of course, they're happy to be our official taste testers for every batch!

⛰ 🎾 🏕 🍌
Our Chief Lab Tester is also known as the Dog Of Perpetual EnergY, or D.O.P.E.Y for short. Always ready to play fetch and simply loves being outside Also an expert in letting Kat know it's dinner time.

🧨 🐿️ 🥪 🌧️
Our 9 year old springer (baileyboy) is terrified of fireworks, loves muddy squirrel chases, and is by far the quickest in grabbing an unguarded sandwich off your've been warned.

✨ 🥕 💤 🎀
Nearly 2, Lady Harper is the one that make us smile the most. Pretty lazy, likes to cuddle, is very well mannered, and even chews carrots in a cute way. Don't be fooled though...she's a terrible bed hog.

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