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We found Austin and Kat through a friend/dog trainer who recommends the product to her clients for anxiety. We first used the treats and oil on an as needed basis, for example when we were not home for a long period of time or fireworks, etc. As time went on we noticed she was more comfortable around the house, walking and without us at home (we have cameras to check on her) when we used Austin and Kat, and we started incorporating it into her daily routine. Since using CBD daily, Lilly is able to comfortably be herself despite her aging body. Her back legs and hips are strong enough for her daily walks. Her anxiety has been suppressed as she is now able to relax or sleep when we are not home, relax when there are large groups of people in our home and relax when large noises are happening in our home or outside our home. Through medication and CBD we have also seen a decrease in her daily seizures. 
Erin F., in St. Louis, MO


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