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Jun 16, 2020


This is Duke. He's 71/2 and we believe he tore his ACL this winter when he came charging down my stairs and went flyi...

Jun 16, 2020


We have a 13 year old female Pitbull.  The veterinarian told us she has the worst case of arthritis he has seen.  A f...

May 27, 2020


I give him 5-7 mg of the 300mg oil around noon everyday, and he has been able to avoid accidents.  We did start using...

May 27, 2020


My 16 year old Australian Shepherd, Pearlie, appears to get some relief from her arthritis and eats with a better app...

May 4, 2020


We love these because they help calm our anxious ball of energy (otherwise known as Luna). She seems to really dig th...

May 4, 2020


We began using CBD oil for Cola when she started showing signs of minor separation anxiety at 6 years old. We would o...

Apr 19, 2020


  My Police Bomb Dog K9-Chase, came down with a debilitating onset of arthritis in back legs. At that time he was 9....

Apr 19, 2020


Our 15 1/2 year old dog, Eddie has been dealing with joint pain and our vet told us that it was due to arthritis. A f...

Apr 19, 2020


My friend recommended this product for me because I could not get any sleep. I adopted my pup from a shelter and we a...

Apr 19, 2020

Macy (and Milo)

Macy has always been terrified of storms. We've tried ALL the drugs from the vet - they work for a while, but then sh...

Apr 19, 2020

Kona (and Stella)

We tried everything to help our sweet Kona during a storm and fireworks, nothing worked. Dropped by your shop and bou...

Apr 17, 2020


First off I’d like to say we are a proud family who decided to try your products. My boy Dax is a very high energy XX...
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