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Thank you!  Bakko really needed  help.  He is suffering, and nobody seems to be able to figure out what is wrong.  Poor guy.  He’s gotten so that we have to put carpets all over our floors or he can’t walk from one end of the house to the other.  

He walks okay after being outside a bit, but can barely move when he’s been still for a while.

My vets have  given up figuring it out, so I was happy to give the CBD biscuits a try.

Fast forward, two weeks; it really seems to be helping Bakko.  Since he’s big guy (120 lbs); I’m giving him 2 biscuits twice a day, immediately upon waking and just before bed.  We are thrilled to see him up and moving again without issue.

We are hopeful that this will continue to help him.

Thank you!

Liz R. in Burlington, VT

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