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Thank you for creating such a wonderfully formulated CBD treat for dogs.  My best friend Atlas, who recently turned 14 years young, has suffered from moderate to severe arthritis in his front left elbow for years.  He has been on various medications, most of which have brought him some relief, but there is something special about the Austin & Kat CBD treats that seems to not only bring him pain relief, but lift up his spirits as well. 

We know, because rather than remain on his dog bed and wag his tail when we're in the kitchen cooking, he is up and wagging his tail in the kitchen with us again.  He also wants to walk further around our neighborhood, and his limp is remarkably less pronounced on most days.  We have found that giving him one and a half of the 5mg treats about a half hour to forty-five minutes before his walk is what works best for him.  (Atlas weighs 84lbs) 

We have tried other CBD treats and tinctures but none have worked as noticeably well as Austin & Kat.  So, whatever CBD blend, love and magic you're putting into your treats, please keep it up--it's working well for one very special Golden Retriever here in Portland OR!

Katie B. in Portland, OR

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