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Augie + Kaylee

Our shelter rescue, Augie is a sweet but nervous/fearful little dog. He suffers tremendously from fear of loud noises (thunder, fireworks, trucks) and nothing we have tried has helped. He also deals with separation anxiety when my wife or I (or both!) leave the house.

Augie LOVES Austin & Kat CBD Wellness biscuits, and they have really made a difference in the quality of his life. Recently fireworks were legalized in our state and we feared the worst -- but this year we give Augie one of your biscuits a couple of hours before sunset and he is now able to handle things - still doesn't like it, but he isn't wrecked by the noise anymore. We tried pharmaceuticals from the vet, but they made him very strange: vibrating and staring off into space. NONE of those reactions with Austin & Kat. He is very happy and energetic - chases and plays with our other dog and really seems to enjoy his life with us.  Keep up the good work!

- Rick & Sue M in Sioux City, IA
(Photo of Augie and Kaylee)

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