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I’ve known Kat for the last twenty years thru cycling.  When she told me she was starting a company to help dogs I became really interested as Cooper is my right hand.  He’s almost 12 years old now, and age was starting to get the best of him.  Kat and I spoke about how CBD could help him with pain and inflammation as well as general wellness.  I was sold instantly, and the results Cooper had were amazing!  Back to jumping off the dock, back to joining me on mountain bike rides, and back to greeting every customer that walks thru the dog of my shop.  I became such a huge fan and was telling everyone about the product, I all but begged Kat to let me sell them in my shop in Kittery, Maine.  We can’t keep the product on the shelf here and are so excited to be sharing our success with Cooper’s health and well being.  Thanks so much Kat.

- Aaron C in Kittery, ME

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