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Lola is our family's first puppy.  Before we got her, no one warned me how much we would love her and want the best for her.  She's feisty and happy at a year old, but we want to keep her running strong and healthy as long as possible.  While on a recent trip out West, I was thrilled to come across Austin and Kat's CBD infused dog biscuits. The more I looked into the ingredients and benefits –– the more I was convinced.  But now, we had to convince Lola, my homemade - food dog eating pup.  Once we got home, I gave her a treat right away.  She devoured them, and now she happily comes running when I call "treats."  I can't wait to share this product with all my dog owning friends, who I know are equally crazy about their fur babies. 

- Karin C in Amherst, NH

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