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Functional Oil - 450 mg per bottle

Bakko's Hip and Joint

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This double-dosed joint mobility formula was designed from the ground up to promote hip and joint health in addition to proper back function. It combines the most effective natural antioxidants available, including New Zealand green-lipped mussel and the powerful Astaxanthin, with the synergizing power of CBD-rich hemp extract. In short — it's the best that Mother Nature can offer.

For consistency you can depend on, calibrated medical-grade droppers offer easy-to-read measurements and repeatable dosages.


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We've folded our premium hemp oil extract into proprietary blends of fat optimized for complete absorption and whole-body metabolism. For Bakko's hip-and-joint formula, we've double-dosed antioxidant natural products from around the world to complement our cannabinoids:

  • Organic Ceylon cinnamon: A double-dose of 'true cinnamon', sustainably sourced from tree farms in Sri Lanka. Promotes proper joint health, a normal anti-inflammatory response and reduces occasional stiffness and soreness
  • Astaxanthin: a potent keto-carotenoid that encourages flexibility, joint mobility, and antioxidant defenses. From an astaxanthin-rich extract prepared from eco-harvested Antarctic krill oil (and never from algae)
  • New Zealand Green-lipped musselA double-dose of perna mussel fat extract, sourced from low-impact aquacultures maintained in New Zealand. A natural source of furan fatty acid, an effective antioxidant for maintaining back function. 
  • Glucosamine & Chondroitin: Classic standbys taken by millions of pet owners and pets alike to maintain connective tissue and cartilage health. Sourced from eco-friendly supply chains that monitor and prevent waste-water contamination 


hind legs eventually began to fail him.


I met Bakko in 2011, chomping his way through a garden of echinacea. A larger breed and rather heavy, Bakko had a predisposition for back and joint problems that would eventually give him quite a challenge. With time, Bakko's hind legs eventually began to fail him. His owner, Elizabeth, turned to hemp supplementation in the hopes of helping him get around more easily (and with less discomfort). While Bakko was already on a host of other natural products, it was clear the addition of naturally occurring cannabinoids like CBD (in the form of our classic hemp bites) was a powerful addition to his daily regimen; hemp seemed to empower his other supplements and unlock the key to joint mobility and flexibility. 

Inspired by my early experiences around the synergizing power of hemp, Bakko's Get-Up-and-Go blends are all about taking advantage of natural products working together to fight free radicals and promote hip and joint health. 


Every tincture is coupled with medical-grade calibrated droppers for precise measurement and consistency of dosing. Oils provide an onset of quick relief as absorption starts in the mouth (within 15-20 minutes), 40-60 minutes later a more pronounced effect should be noticeable.  

Administer orally at least 30-45 minutes prior to a full meal.

  • Pets less than 25 pounds should start with 0.25 mL, or one 1/4 of a dropper (3.75 mg of CBD)
  • Pets between 25 and 50 pounds should start with 0.50mL, or one 1/2 of a dropper (7.50 mg of CBD)
  • Pets larger than 50 pounds should start with 1.00mL, or one full dropper (15.0 mg of CBD)

Repeat dosage every 4-8 hours as needed. Every pet is different and you know your pet’s needs best. Some may require more per dose, while others may require less.

Best practices:

The best practice for introducing hemp into your pet's daily regimen is to start on the low end and build up from there. 

  • Use 1-3 mg per 10 pounds of pet weight, and look for a noticeable change in their demeanor.  For more reactive situations or severe discomfort, begin with a minimum of 2-3 mg per 10 pounds of pet weight
  • If not you do not notice a change, administer an additional ½ dose.
  • The most important thing is to pay attention and adjust as you see fit. You are your pet’s best advocate.
  • Do not put the dropper into the pet’s mouth as you may introduce bacteria, instead place the oil into a small bowl, apply to a piece of dehydrated food, or mix with a small amount of food. 

Lab Tests

Everything we produce is third-party tested to guarantee cannabinoid potency and zero contamination from heavy metals, solvents, or pesticides.

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19 Aug 2020
United States United States
Love it

I have tried many products out there and have finally found something that is working. My boy has muscular atrophy with aging. He was very uncomfortable until we tried this product. He comes and sits waiting for his dropper of oil. Now his sister wants her dropper of oil. So she is getting Senior. Very happy for both of them.

11 Aug 2020
gina c.
United States United States
Customer service

From our first interaction with Kat two years ago, until now, personalized,  caring customer service has Been a constant. Recently, due to COVID demands, our usual biscuit order was delayed. An individual from the team reached out and asked for specifics about my pet’s needs. Immediately, I was sent a new product which has produced great results in my aging girl.  The personal touch and individualized care will keep me a a customer for life.

13 Aug 2020
Austin and Kat

We love being able to help make life easier for pets and their parents. Thank you for letting us be part of your girl's daily life.

04 Aug 2020
Vanessa C.
United States United States
Great Supplement for Long Adventures

If you have a large dog that works and plays hard you need this. I have a peace of mind knowing that I don't have to worry about my GSD's hips, joints, and back after long backpacking trips. If I'm sore, I know he is. Giving him this product helps his recovery and keeps him healthy and ready for the next adventure, hopefully for years to come. :)

06 Aug 2020
Austin and Kat

Thank you so much for the review. We are so proud of the hip and joint oil it has already helped so many pups in the short time it has been available

23 Jul 2020
Danielle C.
United States United States
Keeps us going!

Part of our morning routine. I have an 8 year old very active dog and a little oil before breakfast ensures she is ready for anything! We also use as an evening treat to help with rest and recovery. She loves the taste of the oil!

23 Jul 2020
Danielle M.
United States United States
Yes to Functional Oils

I have been using this functional oil for a few weeks now, and I'm loving it! I give this to my dog on his food or on a treat, He doesn't mind the smell or taste of the oil. My dog is 8 years old, now I haven't had any issues with mobility with him, but it is never too early to start using hip & joint supplements! I highly recommend trying these new functional oils!

23 Jul 2020
Austin and Kat

We are with you Danielle. we live by the 5p's prior planning promotes peak performance. You want to make sure your pups future is as good as there present. Thank you of the great review

07 Jul 2020
Michaella R.
United States United States
Loves the oil more than the treats now!

I have previously given my almost 13-year-old girl Shila the Brady’s Senior Blend and Bakko’s Get Up and Go treats which she loved! I was super excited to try this oil as an alternative. I have now tried two different ways of giving it to her so I’ll touch on both. First - I am a work commuter so I feel like I’m always in a rush to get out the door. Due to this and my girls unease of anything touching her, I started by putting the oil over her dry food and mixing it in. I did notice a difference after a few doses (only twice a day - 1 morning; 1 evening) it did work as well as the treats and she did not mind the smell or taste. I then started giving her a dry treat with the oil dropped onto it and gobbles them up before her meals now! She is lifting her head while laying down and getting up more regularly. I am definitely pleased with this and I now alternate between the Bakko’s oil for daytime and Brady’s oil for nighttime! This oil is easy to dose as it’s marked on the dropper and the directions are very clear!

07 Jul 2020
United States United States
Taking longer walks

Although we just started using this product, I have noticed that my 14.5 year old lab is taking longer walks. I can only attribute it to the fact that her joints must be feeling good and therefore she's willing to keep on going. I am definitely going to be adding this product to our monthly subscription.

03 Jul 2020
Ashley V.
United States United States
This has made a big improvement in my big dog

My 6 year old Doberman was starting to show soreness after play, but since using this he has not shown as much stiffness or pain getting up and down off the couch and had even been using the agility jumps in our yard (without being asked), so I know he is feeling better!

03 Jul 2020
Nelson a.
United States United States
Because we love the water!

We just returned from a mini-vac in AZ where we had a pool. The boys (8yr old black labs) swam from morning to early evening for 4days. Non-stop (not kidding)! They slept the entire drive home (5hours); and the following day, but never once did they appear to be sore or in pain. They got in and out of bed/couch without a struggle. Austin & Kat's CBD has been a part of their lifestyle since mid 2017. We started with treats, and have evolved into these tinctures. I love that these oils address specific needs, and this one if perfect for water-dogs since they move their joints so much swimming and getting in and out of the water. The boys might not be able to tell me with words that this helps them to recover, but they don't need to, because I can see it in how quickly they bounce back. Thanks Austin & Kat!

03 Jul 2020
United States United States
Super impressed with the oil!

We have been given Get Up and Go for the last two weeks. We have been seen a happier dog all over. No anxieties when he had his recent vet appointment. He also gets around much better. Thank you for a great product! I feel good to give it to our 11 years old Labrador.