Support Your Dog's Hip and Joint Health with Austin and Kat's CBD Soft Chew - Crafted for enhanced mobility. Featuring a handpicked blend of reishi mushroom, glucosamine, and antioxidant-rich botanicals, all in harmony with our new BLEND#4 whole plant hemp extract enriched with CBD+CBDA.

Bakko's hip & joint

These formulas are dedicated to my friend Elizabeth’s dog, Bakko, who I helped with joint mobility.

I met Bakko in 2011, chomping his way through a garden of echinacea. When Bakko's hind legs eventually began to fail him, his owner Elizabeth turned to my CBD supplements to help him get around more easily. Inspired by his love for botanicals, I got to work creating a recipe just for Bakko, which inspired me to dive deeper into understanding free radicals and the power of natural antioxidants.

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