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Kors + Polo

Kors is my rescue and he is anxious and worries a lot. He was a stray and didn't have the easiest life before he join...


Our lab/pit bull mix is very high energy. We give him Austin and Kat biscuits when he seems anxious and before taking...


Bella has had tremendous anxiety which causes her to itch and scratch at herself.  We’ve been using the biscuits sinc...


Thank you so much for creating Austin and Kat CBD Dog Biscuits!  Maisy, my sweet rescue maltipoo has a seizure disor...


Just ordered 4 packages!  My little guy LOVES them and since we are using them regularly now I can really notice suc...

Sweet Belle

I've shared my Brady story with so many of you, how he was getting old, not engaging, really struggling, and he just...
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