Sweet Belle

Sweet Belle

I've shared my Brady story with so many of you, how he was getting old, not engaging, really struggling, and he just wasn't the dog we knew.  So many pet owner's out there face the same things, day in and day out.
Aging pets.  

And then a friend told her sister about Austin and Kat, and Nancy reached out to me.
It all started with this email....
"I am trying to figure out the best way to handle my situation:  We have a 14+ year old lab who has been struggling with hearing, breathing, arthritis, neurological issues, gastric issues, eating issues, etc. for about a year now.  
We are getting up anywhere from 2 - 4 times every night to take her out.  She got really bad at the end of October and our vet did not think she was going to even make it to
Thanksgiving.  Thankfully, she is still with us, still in good spirits, and not ready to leave us.  However, because of all of the issues that she has, we've been leaving her with our vet during the day while we are at work.  Within the past week or so the vet techs have been telling us she has been getting more stressed and anxious as the day goes on and were asking about putting her on some type of medication for the anxiety.  
We have also noticed that she has a really hard time settling down at night.  If we are home during the day, she will sleep deeply and peacefully during the day and then be restless once night comes.  I researched the medications my vet was suggesting and decided to try your treats instead.
Now that you know the situation, would you recommend a daily treat or an occasional treat?  At what time of day would you recommend giving her the treat?  Or would you recommend splitting it and giving 1/2 in the morning or midway through the day when she's at the vet's and another 1/2 at night when we're ready to settle down?  Or even 1/2 when she's at the vet's and a whole one at night?  BTW, she currently weights 58 - 60 pounds (down from about 78 pounds).  You recommend feeding the treats on an empty stomach.  How long before or after she eats a meal would it be ok to give the treat?
Sorry for all the questions.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.  I can't wait to get the treats and try them!  Thank you."

Nancy's situation was similar to my own had been, and it really home.  I knew she and her family were really wrestling with what to do.  We emailed back and forth a bit, but I felt it was really necessary to chat with her on the phone to have a concrete plan on how to help her lab, Belle.

After just two weeks of consistent Austin and Kat Biscuits, I received this note:
"Hi Kat:
I believe the treats (we call them her "peace treats") have really helped to calm Belle's anxieties.  She did really good while our large family was here visiting.  And she has been doing good at our vet's every day.  Our evenings are much more relaxed because she is not constantly pacing around the house, and we're only getting up once per night instead of as much as three or four times per night.  I only wish the treats could turn back time and make her young and vibrant again!
Her attitude is still great and we count each day we have with her as a blessing.  I'm thankful Jon and Misty turned me onto the peace treats.  If nothing else, we can make sure she is calm and relaxed as she prepares to leave us instead of being anxious and stressed out.
Thank you for checking in with me.  It means the world to us.


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