Green Goals and the PSC

Green Goals and the PSC

Happy Earth Month! We've been busy behind the scenes partnering with the Pet Sustainability Commission to help make a difference and reduce our impact on the environment. Be sure to read all about our latest goals on our page dedicated to sustainability.

Earth Day Rally 2023

To celebrate Earth Day and our commitment to change we've also joined the 30-day Earth Day Rally to lead to a better future for pets, people, and the planet. The goal is to inspire 10,000 actions taken in 30 days and to celebrate a collective action toward a more sustainable future. From making small changes at home or work, to learning about wildlife awareness, every task counts and adds up to so much more. Check it out and cheer us on - and join in the fun while you're at it!  I'm excited to provide an update at the end of the month when the rally concludes, but the focus is to make this part of our normal daily life. Here are some basic ideas you can do, too:

From baking biscuits to #Buslife!

It's pretty neat to look back from my humble beginnings making biscuits in my kitchen to building the incredible team I get to work with today. We have the opportunity to lead by example and really make an impact on the pet industry as a whole. For one, my family and I are about to embark on an amazing adventure in a reduced-footprint bus specifically designed for sustainable living. More on that soon!

 Reflecting back on the journey that got me here, 
when I first started I had no idea how the pet supplements industry worked: most of the products you’ll find on the shelves have been made at a few outsourced mega-factories where inferior ingredients and cheap packaging is just the way it’s done. I know because I was tempted down the same path but (fortunately) stuck to my values.
Nearly 10 years on Austin and Kat is considerably bigger than my kitchen in Maine! I’ve been joined by an amazing group of people who share my vision to do things a little differently from the herd and, most importantly, do them properly.

  • I’ve no hesitation in saying our supplements are made from the best ingredients in the world because we purchase every single one of them ourselves. We only select farms, fisheries, and producers that uphold the highest ethical standards, after all “ingredients matter”!
  • We make everything from scratch in our custom built “Seattle Makery™” so we can guarantee the highest standards possible
  • We’re still just as passionate about finding the most sustainable and environmentally friendly ways to run our business, from finding lower impact packaging to constantly working to minimize our footprint in the Makery.

Be sure to check back regularly to hear more about the efforts of our team!

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