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Summertime is at our doorstep here in Seattle, the sun casting its golden rays, beckoning us all outdoors to go hiking or spend some quality time barbequing with friends. July 4th is right around the corner and we’re all looking forward to taking a break and enjoying some fireworks, but for our beloved four-legged companions, the festivities can trigger a major wave of situational anxiety!

Did you know that July 5th is the peak day for shelters housing runaway dogs, due in large part to the fireworks and celebrations of Independence Day. With July 4th falling on a Monday this year, it's almost certain that we're in for a full weekend of vibrant backyard fireworks and impromptu noise from every corner. While fun for people, it can cause distress for many pets.

My personal journey with the challenges fireworks pose for our pets began with Bailey. One year, as we journeyed by ferry from Bainbridge to Seattle, the sky bloomed with July 4th fireworks overhead. Bailey's panic was palpable, a moment that fueled my inspiration to formulate our "No More Wiggles" blends, designed to soothe our pets' frazzled nerves in all sorts of overly-stimulating situations. This year, I’ve created perfect bundles that include several of Bailey’s products.

It's important to understand that dogs have naturally keen senses, making fireworks a profoundly intense experience for them. The sudden, loud noises can cause rapid heart rate, adrenaline rush, and increased stress hormones.

Unlike a thunderstorm that presents numerous warning signs like changes in barometric pressure and rising winds, fireworks are abrupt, unpredictable, and for our pets, much more intimidating.

Through my journey with Bailey, I've found that a CBD-rich hemp extract can really help manage sensitivity to noise. The synergy of botanicals and herbs like Valerian Root, Passionflower, and Chamomile fortifies this protective shield. Our No More Wiggles formula contains all these ingredients, enhanced with a generous dose of cannabinoids. It's precisely what Bailey and countless other pets need to navigate this 4th of July with calm and ease.

Here are a few tips to help your pet stay calm during the fireworks season:


  1. Create a Secure Environment: Keep your pet in a secure, noise-dampened place within your home. Even a fenced yard might not provide the security your pet needs. Try turning a windowless room or a large closet into a comfortable nesting place. You can also consider white noise or soothing music to help alleviate your pet's stress.

  2. Update Identification Tags: Make sure your pet's microchip and ID tags are up-to-date. Have multiple emergency contact numbers handy, enhancing your chances of a quick reunion if your pet gets scared and runs away.

  3. Stock up on Stress Relievers: Establish a calming routine for your pet before July 4th. Introduce comforting products to their routine rather than experimenting with new items during the fireworks.

  4. Stay with Your Pet: If possible, opt to skip the parties and be there for your pet. Being left alone can further intensify their anxiety. If you must be away, ensure a friend or a professional caretaker can provide the necessary care.

  5. Keep Your Pet Engaged: A well-exercised pet is a happy pet. Schedule their exercise for early in the day and provide engaging toys to keep them occupied. Refrain from taking them outside once the sun sets—prime time for fireworks.

  6. Start Early with CBD: We recommend introducing your pet to CBD a week (or at least 2-3 days) in advance and continuing through July 5th—or whenever the fireworks have subsided in your area. On the 4th of July itself, administer CBD well before noon and maintain doses every 2 hours until about 11 pm. For our specially designed bundles, take 1 chew or 1 full dropper of oil every 2 hours, along with a scoop of supplement powder with each meal. This ensures your pet remains prepared for any surprises throughout the day and night. A calm, restful pet is preferable to an agitated, stressed animal. Remember, CBD can take up to an hour to show its effect, so plan accordingly as timing is key.

The advent of summer and the 4th of July can be a joyous time for us and our pets alike, with a little planning and a focus on their wellbeing. Using a comprehensive approach that includes CBD and other stress relievers can help your pet navigate the noise and excitement with greater ease.

At Austin & Kat we believe pets stay happiest and healthiest by keeping active, eating healthy foods, and relying on the transformative power of carefully formulated pet supplements. Just as I developed the No More Wiggles formula with Bailey's needs in mind, we're continually inspired by our own pets and customers' experiences to create high-quality, sustainable solutions for pet health. We're here to help ensure your pets live life to the fullest, just like we strive to do every day. Here's to a safe, peaceful, and happy 4th of July for all, two and four-legged family members alike!

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