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 CBD watchdog report gives Austin and Kat top marks for label accuracy in CBD pet products.

Did you know?
56% Of CBD Pet Products Are Labeled Incorrectly

We didn't either! (Although we had a hunch that not every brand out there is as obsessed with test results and ingredients as we are...)

Austin and Kat was surprised & honored to be recognized by GreenMarketReport and LeafReport as "standouts for label accuracy."

LeafReport sent a couple of our items (along with 53 others from various brands) out for 3rd party testing and gave us an A grade for describing our product accurately and making sure the right amount of CBD was in each product.

To you and me, these things are NO BRAINERS. But, with 56% of the products they tested missing the mark ( an incredibly high number), it goes to show how badly regulation of CBD is needed.

What a great reminder to be careful out there!

You can read more about LeafReport's findings across all 55 brands tested here.

Austin and Kat shares lab results for every batch right on the product page!

Our test results for every batch can be found on each product's page. If you have any questions about our 3rd party testing process or how to read our lab results - please get in touch at .

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