The Austin and Kat Guide to Pulsing

Austin and Kat's Guide to Pulsing Supplements

What is supplement pulsing?
Let’s start with a definition: Pulsing is a method where you rotate the supplements you give to your pet on an as-needed basis to prevent an intolerance or plateau response from using a product long term.

A bit of variety helps with making sure that when you choose to use a supplement you are getting optimal results. By pulsing or rotating, you can ensure your pet is getting the best absorption and benefits.

Imagine you are starting a fitness training program. With consistency, you may notice improvements in your strength, endurance, and physique. However, if you never change up your daily fitness routine after months and month, you may notice that changes have plateaued.

Pulsing is similar to when a trainer or friend changes up your fitness training program and you begin noticing these improvements again.

How often should I pulse or rotate products?
A good pulsing schedule typically means you are rotating products every 1-3 months, for best results.

We strongly recommend switching between our New Zealand Green Lipped Mussel-based supplement toppers, every 30 days to start.

If you are looking to fight free radicals that leads to inflammation while supporting muscle and joint recovery in your pet our Daily Joint Support is a great starter.

Our Bakko’s Joint Support+ has the added benefits of Glucosamine, Reishi Mushroom, and Boswellia which help support joint flexibility, a healthy inflammatory response, and occasional stiffness and soreness. 

Are there any risks?
No, in our experience pulsing works best with all of our pets. As always, it's good to talk to your Veterinarian anytime you want to introduce a new supplement to your pet's routine.


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