How to Use Toppers for Dogs and Cats

How to Use Toppers for Dogs and Cats


What are meal toppers?

Just like the name implies, Austin and Kat supplement toppers are made of pure micro-ground natural ingredients that you can sprinkle on top of your pet's meals for an easy way to add natural support to your pet's routine. 

Every one of our topper formulas are made with researched, natural ingredients to offer targeted support for specific pet needs - including immune support, a calm and quiet blend, senior or hip & joint health, and we've even created a topper just for cats too.

Each topper is made with 100% pure, microground ingredients - and no fillers! So your pet gets nothing but active amounts of botanical goodness, designed to blend as easily into your pet's routine as easily as it does in food (wet, raw, or dry!)


Supplement Topper FAQs


How much topper should I give my pet?

We recommend adding 1/2 teaspoon of topper per 25 lbs of pet weight to your pet's meals. Our microground formulas mix well in wet and raw meals and even coat dry food easily.


Can I use toppers with other products?


Our toppers are specifically made to help you add natural support to your pet's existing routine. If you're an Austin and Kat fan, toppers are a great way to supplement your pet's favorite CBD chew or oil routine.


My pet is a picky eater... will toppers help?

Our tasty toppers can actually help make your pet's meals more palatable.

And, for the pickiest of pets- we've found that most don't notice if you mix our topper in with a spoonful of their favorite treat like peanut butter or tuna. Of course, if your pet's just not interested... you're covered by Austin's hassle-free Guarantee.


Can I mix and match functional formulas?

Yes! In fact, we recommend using one of our topper formulas to add additional support to your pet's routine if they're already using one of our Functional CBD formulas.

Click here to contact our customer service team, they'll be happy to help you build a wellness routine for your pet's specific needs.


Should I rotate topper products?

A bit of variety in your pet's diet can help prevent building up a tolerance or plateau response from using a product long-term. Changing up a supplement routine is also known as pulsing, or rotating products. It's totally optional - but we recommend giving it a shot if there are multiple formulas that you think would benefit your pet.

For best results, try rotating formulas every 1-3 months.



* As always, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian before introducing any new supplements to your pet's routine.

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