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The ABCs of CBD and Separation Anxiety

Every dog is different. But they all have one thing in common: None of them like being left alone. Usually it’s no big deal and they’re just bummed-out for a moment or two when we leave. But for some pups, our absence can be pretty traumatic. They’ve got separation anxiety, and there’s nothing temporary about it.

No one knows for sure why some dogs develop separation anxiety and others don’t. It’s seen a lot more in rescue and shelter dogs than dogs adopted as puppies into forever homes, which makes sense. But other situations cause it, too, like big changes in household routines, moving, or the loss or extended absence of a family member.

We’ve all heard the stories of wrecked homes, potty incidents, barking and howling, escape attempts, and other troubles. It can get pretty serious pretty fast, and a single blog post just can’t cover everything there is to say on this complicated subject. But we can say there’s lots of evidence showing CBD may be an effective potential treatment for severe anxiety like that seen in pups with separation issues. 

One study, for example, found that 79% of people taking CBD experienced less anxiousness. And a recent Japanese project showed that CBD “significantly decreased anxiety” in teenagers who had been diagnosed with severe anxiety disorder.

Even more exciting, researchers have discovered that CBD possibly reduces what's called learned fear or automatically fearful reactions to certain situations that have been “taught” to us by our previous experiences. (Think things like phobias and PTSD.) CBD may do more than simply chill things out in the moment. It may also help us “unlearn” habitual fears so that we’re unafraid when we confront the same circumstances in the future.

While these studies are on people not dogs, more often than not what works for us works for our fur babies, too, and we’ve heard plenty of stories from our friends and customers when it comes to CBD, dogs, and separation anxiety.

If your dog-o has issues when you leave, try giving them CBD about half an hour before you go. Bailey’s No More Wiggles Biscuits are made for just such situations and come with soothing herbal companions like chamomile, valerian root, and lavender to provide a super calming effect. They’ll last 4-8 hours and may be just what you need to make your pupper’s heart grow fonder—not frantic—in your absence!