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Hi, It's Kat,

For over 18 months I’ve been researching and reading as much as I could about ways to increase the health and longevity of my dogs; Austin, Lady Harper and Bailey.  I kept coming back to the need for small changes in their diets making a big long term impact and one of key ways to do this is through the use of supplements. 

Last summer, I launched my first non-CBD product…two meal toppers focusing on joint health and support. The feedback about how effective we were compared to other products was amazing. And then I realized just how many supplement brands out there are using low grade ingredients, fillers, and frankly ingredients that didn’t do anything at all for our pets. So I spent the better part of the last six months developing four other formulas (and improving our hip & joint topper) to address the various functional needs our pets have.

These five new topper products focus on:

Each individual formulation contains USDA organically certified mushrooms (in some cases a superblend) unique to its functionality to promote homeostasis and long term health.  All while including optimized botanicals and adaptogens in therapeutic levels to provide the utmost support to your pet.

Every ingredient was researched, each product then developed and crafted in-house by our resident scientist using a holistic and science driven approach.  And in an effort to minimize our impact on the planet, each ingredient is thoughtfully and sustainably sourced, contains active ingredients only (no fillers) and each pouch is 100% recyclable and resealable!

They’re very easy to use and can even complement the CBD product you are also using.  Just add the appropriate serving to any meal or bone broth for a welcome small change that can lead to big long term rewards.

This new line has allowed me to understand the importance of how little changes over time can dramatically impact the life your pet has.  As we all begin to understand how to implement these changes over time, we can help our pets live younger, healthier, longer and ultimately happier lives.

And while creating an optimal diet with a variety of different options, it’s important to remember our dogs ultimately need regular opportunities to be DOGS!  They need to run after tennis balls, roll around on the ground, sniff trees, flowers, and each other, play in the mud, swim, bark, and be inquisitive.*  To help enhance our dogs' lives we need to provide them with as many opportunities as we can, as we are in control of what they get to do.  So by providing them with good nutrition, a good environment, good health, rewarding and engaging behavior and positive mental health they’ll be able to lead a robust and long fulfilling life.

I hope you will continue on this journey with me as I continue to explore holistic and natural alternatives to our pets' health.  It’s my mission, along with my team to help empower families and their pets by using holistic, well rounded supplements to keep our pets healthy and happy for many years to come.


*Side note, I once told Tim that he needed to let the dogs sniff the bushes on our walk because that’s their equivalent of instagram!  

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