WTF you can help

WTF you can help

As a lifelong pet owner I’m writing to ask for your help on the recent decision by Idaho’s Agriculture Department to prohibit the sale of Hemp derived CBD pet products starting November 1, 2022. To say this is disappointing and a prime example of bureaucracy gone mad is an understatement. More than that, I’m heartbroken that Idaho politicians would make a decision that will ultimately hurt the health and wellbeing of Idaho's pets. If you want to know what you can do to help, skip straight to the bottom of this blog...

As you know, the popularity of CBD has been growing rapidly in the US as pet owners see the benefits that come from this all-natural and non-pharmaceutical supplemental product. Incredibly, Idaho’s legislation has been initiated despite the fact that CBD has been on market for over 5 years when no recalls, emergency regulations, or other outcries due to negative effects on animal health have been reported.

This is not a market filled with bad actors. Many CBD pet companies (Austin and Kat included) have been working for years with the NASC (National Animal Supplement Council) to follow the strictest of guidelines to guarantee safe, effective, traceable and tested CBD dosage form products. We follow adverse effect reporting requirements, participate in focus groups and studies, and have been part of an industry that has administered over 800 million dosages of CBD products to our pets.

Since launching Austin and Kat in 2014, I’ve witnessed incredible ups and downs in the legality of hemp-derived products in this country. And I’ve weathered some nasty storms, including 2016, when the DEA declared CBD illegal.

Then the 2018 Farm Bill passed and declared hemp-derived CBD legal, CBD pet products (including mine) have been able to really take off and help pets around the country.

Although it’s been federally legalized, hemp is still quite misunderstood and confused with cannabis. Hemp naturally contains less that 0.3% of THC (that’s the psychotropic compound in cannabis). But the relation between hemp and cannabis makes it a touchy subject for legislators, banks, and businesses; and consequently too tricky for mainstream researchers and investors to touch. Imagine how much research, progress, and healing could be achieved if this natural, beneficial plant could be embraced nation-wide and properly studied!

Ultimately this decision will harm pets whose owners will no longer be able to access the products their pets rely on. It also paves the way for a black-market industry of unscrupulous suppliers selling questionable products. And will undoubtedly lead to pet owners turning to human products that aren't formulated for pets or marijuana products that contain THC.

Here are some steps you can take to support CBD for pets in Idaho...

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