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I've been home from vacation a week and thought I'd give you both an update on how Puddin is doing and our experience with Austin and Kat Hemp Infused dog biscuits.

I think I told you that 2 days before the biscuits arrived, Puddin got her appetite back.  So I started her on 1  5mg biscuit at bedtime, and didn't give her the second one in the morning.  She turned into a very enthusiastic eater of 3 meals a day and her spirits were very high.  A week or so later, she still was sometimes getting up before 6, so I increased her to 1.5 biscuits at night.  Then we went on vacation for 10 days and her eating and spirits were great the whole time.  She did get up at 4:30 one night, and between 5:30 and 6 a few times, but did considerably well while I was away.  In act, when we returned, both dogs were happy to see me, but just slightly happier than me coming home from work.  There was no turning one's self inside out that I returned.  My friends Keiko and Paula took fabulous care of the girls while I was away.

We continued with Puddin in great spirits all last week, eating very well until Saturday this weekend.  She was just a bit slower on her breakfast on Saturday, and not interested in lunch.  We went out for a walk, and she was fine, but less enthusiastic.  Got home and she puked breakfast.  She did drink some during the afternoon and evening, but not the normal huge amounts.  No interest in eating the rest of the day and not interested in the biscuit at bedtime.  Very subdued pup putting us back on the rollercoaster.  Sunday morning, back in business.  Slow to eat breakfast (took 20 or so minutes to get her to eat it all).  Didn't ask for lunch so I didn't give her any.  Had a GREAT walk!  Her spirits were totally back to GREAT!  Came back and ate an excellent dinner!  Austin and Kat biscuit at bedtime and this morning had her great breakfast appetite back.

So we had a blip.  It's going to happen.  She's back to great spirits.  

Puddin turned 15 at the beginning of this month!!!!!!  She's amazing!

It doesn't seem to help to give Puddin 1.5 biscuits at night to help her sleep longer.  I do believe the early rising is because she HAS to PEE!  If you have thoughts on ways to get her (us) to sleep later in the morning, I'm open to suggestions.  I would much rather get up and let her out to pee than try to sleep through her whining to get out.  I'm not big on taking water away in the evening with a dog with potential failing kidneys, but I'm not keeping the bowl full to the brim after dinner.

Now for the advertising - I feel that the Austin and Kat biscuits have given us a dramatically improved quality of life, and much better consistency on a day to day basis!  "She's not getting older, she's getting better!"

- Anne M. in Sharon, NH

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