I'm so happy to let you know that after two days of your dog treats my beautiful dog, Pippa, is experiencing significant relief from her stiff elbows. She was born with bad elbow and underwent surgery and treatment at 7 months old. She's only 4 and has suffered with pain and discomfort her whole life. Chinese herbal supplements from the vet didn't help at all.  I recommend Austin and Kat to everyone with a pet that has anxiety or physical pain. My golden, Pippa, had to come off everything other than bland food for three days, and her elbow dysplasia returned full blown. Stiffness, pain..... I was so happy to get her back into her routine of Austin and Kat. Your biscuits make a huge difference in the quality of life for my puppy. Thank you

Thank you for developing these doggie treats. You've really made a difference in the life of the sweetest puppy in the world.

- Paula K in Tampa, FL

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