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I can’t thank you enough for these treats. You really have saved my dog with these biscuits. I’m forever grateful.

We have a neighbor who for the past year has been lighting off fireworks nightly, yes nightly.  He legally can do this until 9pm every night.  At first it wasn't to bad, but at this point our sweet Molly, has been incredibly tormented by this.  The nightly fireworks have done so much damage to her over the past year. 

Her tremors were so bad, she’d stopped eating until she was famished, she was miserable. 

In a few short days she’s transformed. She’s more calm, no longer fearful of dusk  (the time when these start) and her appetite has increased. I’m excited to see what happens longer term.  Your products have saved her life and we are so happy.  Thank you.

Kirsten S. in Sandy Springs, GA

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