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I just wanted to tell you how much these Biscuits have changed my sweet "Missy's" life. Missy has high stress just in general because of her breed but in addition to that she has a tumor that has wrapped around her front leg that cannot be removed. She is my sweet senior citizen that has given so much unconditional love but gets stressed with anything different that happens in her life. She was getting stressed over us leaving, thunderstorms, ANYTHING out of the ordinary. We started giving her these biscuits to help with her leg pain and her stress situations and I cannot explain to you what a DIFFERENCE it has made in her life for the pain in her leg and for her stressful life events. I know without a doubt my sweet Missy has benefited from these biscuits in many aspects of her life! Thank you so MUCH!

- Karen, Brookwood in Vet Clinic, NC

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