Today I am reviewing Austin and Kat’s 600mg CBD Oil! I actually notice a difference with Kayden’s anxiety, and so did my boyfriend! Kayden spends 90% of his time with me, hes rarely ever alone. So he has separation anxiety. Kayden will howl and sometimes even self mutilation when left alone. He is also more anxious even if hes with my boyfriend and I’m not home. I’ve tried other CBD products and they seemed to help somewhat, but not like this CBD Oil! My boyfriend texted me while I was at work that he actually seen a difference, which hes never seen a difference with other CBD products. Which makes me so happy knowing Kayden is more relaxed while I am away.

Kayden gets .50ml of this 600mg CBD Oil which is 10mg of CBD. I did some research after trying this oil, because I was wondering why I seen a difference with this oil compared to other CBD oils. Austin and Kat oil is CBD oil, not just hemp oil! So with other brands I was seeing 700mg I was thinking it was 700mg of CBD, but it was actually only 200mg of active CBD and 500mg of other beneficial cannabiniods.  This oil is 600mg of active CBD and usda certified organic coconut oil. While yes this oil is more costly this bottle will last about two months with Kayden getting .50ml a day. 

-Danielle M in Michigan


You can find Danielle writing all about Kayden her blog 'A Blog Just About Dogs' 

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