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I wanted to write and tell you about Faye.  I got your treats for my 16 yr old corgi with degenerative myelopathy. She is in a wheelchair and was struggling recently with pain and lethargy. At 16, I did not want to increase her medications when they are already at the max dose recommended for her weight but her quality of life was going downhill. She would spend the hour before her next dose shaking and whining, and was appearing to have random boughts of anxiety. She had trouble sleeping and a lot of her smile was gone.

After just one week eating your CBD biscuits 3x a day, the results are shocking. If I did not see it myself I wouldn’t believe it. She is moving around more, smiling more, she is energetic and no more cries of pain or shaking with muscle spasms. Her bowels have improved too. I am not the only one her noticed; my dog walker and boyfriend both remarked how much happier she is.

I am crying with gratitude as I write this; thank you for making a product that brought back a good quality of life for her. I could not be more grateful.

Rachel J. in Springfield, MA

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