CBD for dog with anxiety, thunderstorms, fireworks


My name is Alison Gottlieb, I have been working in veterinary medicine for over 20 years.  I am a firm believer in using CBD for pets and came across your product a few weeks ago.  Before then I had used other CBD products for cats and dogs for a variety of uses.  Your cookies are fantastic. I finally got to use them for some thunderstorms recently and can not tell you how much your cookie helped.  My rescue Pit Bull cross, has developed firework and storm phobias as he ages.  Traditional therapies (pharmacologic and non) have failed to help and some have made matters worse.  One of your cookies does the trick.  Also, my dad’s16 yr old shih tzu has been staying here and it has really helped her arthritis!

Kat, I wanted you to know the feedback on my end has been amazing. One of my staff had two old jack russels. One died and the other became destructive when left alone. I gave her some samples and now she can come and go as she pleases. No more damage and stress at all. 

Got some good thunderstorm reports from others also. A colleague who is the guru of veterinary pain is now also using for her dogs thunderstorm phobia as well. 

We are also using them for pain and two others for generalized anxiety. I have two additional local vets ready to begin using also, so we keep spreading the word and your cookies like crazy. 

The reviews here in our office are stellar.

- Alison Gottlieb in Feasterville, PA

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