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Hello, I just wanted to send a quick email letting you guys know how thankful I am for your CBD oil. My dog, Dutch, who is a 2 years old white lab suffers from epilepsy. For the past year he was having seizures 1 time a month. We hated the idea of putting him on seizure medicine because that meant he would have to be on them for life and there are negative side effects with seizure medicines. We decided to try out the CBD oil and him being on it, he seizures have gotten less intense and less frequent. He hasn’t had a seizure in almost 4 months which is longer than he’s ever gone. We trust your product and are so hopeful for our puppies' future. I couldn’t be more thankful and thought I would let you guys know the effects your CBD is having on the animals taking it. Again, thank you so much!


Reagan C., in Winchester, CA

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