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When she about eight or nine, we discovered that she was 'coughing' or 'hacking' rather frequently. We took her to the vet and learned that she has a collapsing trachea, a condition common in older, small dogs. Other than a prescription for narcotic drugs, there was not much that the vet could do for her. The narcotics helped a bit, but they mostly just put her to sleep. Also, I was endlessly nervous that giving Daisy the medication was doing damage to her tiny organs.

THEN, I learned about Austin and Kat CBD oil. I have always been pro-cannabis and this sounded like a wonderful alternative to the drugs we had been giving her. So, we squirted a little bit into her mouth and waited. Typically, Daisy HATES the taste of all medication. You can hide the tiniest portion of a pill in cheesy, yummy chicken and she will still find it and spit it out. To our delight, she actually LIKED the taste of the CBD oil; she was not bothered whatsoever.

Now, Daisy does not take any medication. We give her 3-5 little drops of CBD oil every couple of days. For the first time in five years, Daisy does not cough AT ALL. As a bonus, she has much less anxiety and seems all around happier! I am so grateful that we found this product. THANK YOU!

Samantha, in Rye, NH

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