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My Police Bomb Dog K9-Chase, came down with a debilitating onset of arthritis in back legs. At that time he was 9.5 years old and 8 years into his service. A normal workday for us was spent patrolling our transit system and working extra duties for the Seattle Mariners Baseball stadium. As you can see, he was a very active K9. He loved his job and it hurt me to watch him work through the pain. He was on vet pain meds and all that did was drop his work drive. Nothing seemed to work. I was about to pull the plug and medically retire him when a coworker introduced me to CBD oil. It was a miracle! Instantly Chase got his mobility back without the loss of drive. Made me a believer in CBD oil. Then I discovered Austin and Kat. Locally owned in Seattle, I chose to support local, not thinking I would not get any better results from what I was already using. Note, the other brands I bought were of the highest quality and not cheap. First, I was astonished to see that Chase loved the Austin and Kat oil over the other brands. The next thing that was astonishing was that Austin and Kat's oils made Chase's coat chine. I could never get his coat to keep a shine. This product allowed Chase to continue his job for another year, buying time for me to find and train up his replacement, K9-Indy. I put two of my other home dogs on this product and had the same amazing results. All of my dogs are on it. Even the new young working dog, K9-Indy. Chase is happily retired at home, on Austin and Kat CBD Oil, looking like he can go back to work tomorrow. Thank you Austin and Kat!

Jonathan A., in Seattle, WA

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