What if I ate a "bite?" (Asking for a friend.)
You’re now an official member of the Austin and Kat pack. Welcome!But really, our "bites" are made with human-grade ingredients and are always gluten free, so go ahead and keep snacking. Just don't be surprised if your pup gets a...
How and where are your products made?
Every batch of Austin and Kat is made by hand and slow-baked in our very own bakery in the beautiful Pacific Northwest—Seattle, Washington.
How are the ingredients listed on Austin and Kat products?
Active ingredients are listed in descending order according to weight or volume. Inactive ingredients, however, are listed in alphabetical order.
How about prescriptions? Is Austin and Kat safe to give with those?
At very high doses, research suggests that CBD may inhibit the CYP 450 liver enzymes, which aid in the proper metabolism of some pharmaceuticals. It’s not unique to CBD—things like grapefruit juice can do so, too. It may be okay...
Can I give Austin and Kat to my healthy pet?
Even a healthy human needs support every once in a while. Pets are no different! Think of all the times you might feel stress, and you can bet your pet might as well.
Are the results instant or cumulative?
Some pets will experience the benefits of CBD in as little as five minutes, but for pets with more severe symptoms, it may take as long as a week or two for your pet’s system to respond to daily servings.
Are they natural and gluten-free?
We source only the freshest local ingredients when available, making sure we live up to our own rigorous standards of the healthiest and most wholesome nutrition facts around, with recognizable ingredients.While our products aren’t certified gluten-free, some of our "bites"...
Does Austin and Kat lab test their products?
Oh yes! An independent, 3rd-party lab tests each and every batch of our "bites" and oils.My proprietary CBD oil blend is also independently tested before leaving the farm to ensure every batch meets every one of our Austin and Kat...
Where is your CBD sourced?
Our hemp is sourced from our organic partner farms in Colorado.
Is your hemp organic?
You bet! Our hemp is grown and cultivated according to 100% organic practices that go beyond what the USDA requires to qualify as organic.
Do your "bites" have a shelf life?
You can store your "bites" in their sealed package for up to one and a half years or until the expiration date passes (and here’s a little secret—if you freeze them, they’ll last for up to two years). And let’s...
What about the oils—what is their shelf life?
Our Salmon and Hemp Oil is preservative free stays fresh longer if refrigerated once opened. Unopened, it will last in a cool, dark pantry up to one and a half years, or until the expiration date passes. Once stored in the fridge...
How long after I give my pet CBD should I see results?
Every pet is different, so you’ll want to watch your pet to see how he or she responds. You could see results as soon as five minutes and as much as an hour after giving your pet CBD. If you...
Is your CBD oil organic?
Yes! We’re proud to say that we’ve partnered with one of the leading CBD cultivators in the world.  From seed to finished product, using hemp that is grown to organic farming standards and practices, as well as full-spectrum ensures your...
Back up. What are inactive ingredients?
Inactive ingredients include everything from preservatives and thickeners to flavors, and more. Most often, they’re stabilizers.  But don't worry, everything in our products come from nature, so you won't see any synthetic preservatives or colors here. Your pet's health comes...