Are there side effects? Could my dog or cat overdose?
Austin and Kat oils and 'bites' are completely safe, non-toxic and non-habit forming.I've worked with thousands of owners and veterinarians and I’ve only ever seen positive things happen when pets are given CBD. It might surprise you that for pets...
What if I ate a "bite?" (Asking for a friend.)
You’re now an official member of the Austin and Kat pack. Welcome!But really, our "bites" are made with human-grade ingredients and are always gluten free, so go ahead and keep snacking. Just don't be surprised if your pup gets a...
How and where are your products made?
Every batch of Austin and Kat is made by hand and slow-baked in our very own bakery in the beautiful Pacific Northwest—Seattle, Washington.
How are the ingredients listed on Austin and Kat products?
Active ingredients are listed in descending order according to weight or volume. Inactive ingredients, however, are listed in alphabetical order.
How about prescriptions? Is Austin and Kat safe to give with those?
At very high doses, research suggests that CBD may inhibit the CYP 450 liver enzymes, which aid in the proper metabolism of some pharmaceuticals. It’s not unique to CBD—things like grapefruit juice can do so, too. It may be okay...
Can I give Austin and Kat to my healthy pet?
Even a healthy human needs support every once in a while. Pets are no different! Think of all the times you might feel stress, and you can bet your pet might as well.
Are the results instant or cumulative?
Some pets will experience the benefits of CBD in as little as five minutes, but for pets with more severe symptoms, it may take as long as a week or two for your pet’s system to respond to daily servings.
What are the benefits of using hemp from CBD?
CBD interacts with a pets' endocannabinoid system - the central regulatory system known to affect bodily processes such as digestion, anxiety, mood, pain, inflammation and sleep. CBD rich hemp oil also contains Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and contains antioxidants which can have additional anti-inflammatory properties.
Can I use your oils topically?
Sure can! When applied topically, Austin and Kat CBD oils can help with burns and other discomfort, as well as aiding your body in healing cuts, scrapes, rashes, infections, and even blemishes.
Can you ship internationally?
Unfortunately, due to US laws, we cannot ship outside the United States. Bummer. 
Why are the new "bites" 10mg? I only have a 25 pound dog.
The new 10mg "bites" were designed as functional wellness products. Wecombined CBD with efficacious amounts of herbs and supplements in just theright amounts to meet the various need states of our pets. We recommendstarting with 1-2 mg, but with high...
Will CBD get my dog or cat high?
No. Not possible.  Hemp and marijuana are pretty similar to look at but under the proverbial hood they are different, well, plants. There’s nothing in CBD that could give your pet a psychoactive experience (you know...to get stoned). Hemp produces less...
What's the difference between hemp & marijuana?
Hemp plants: Have naturally occurring high levels of the cannabinoid CBD but very low amounts of THC (the cannabinoid with psychoactive properties). Marijuana plants: Produce much higher levels of THC and low levels of CBD. *Austin and Kat only uses hemp.
Can my pet take CBD daily?
Yes, the "bites" and oils are safe, non-toxic and provide a complement to your pets already healthy diet.

How much CBD do I give my pet?
Every pet is different, but here’s a good starting point: 1-2mg of CBD for every 10 lbs of body weight Results may last between 4 - 8 hours.  With some pets, one serving a day will suffice, while others may...
How often should I serve CBD to my dog?
Another question I get all the time is “How often should I give CBD to my dog?” Pets will start to experience the beneficial effects of CBD 15-45 minutes after ingestion, depending on metabolism and other factors (an empty tummy...
When should I see a difference?
If you don't notice any changes within an hour, try giving your pet another half serving (and if your pet is particularly anxious or active, try giving a little bit more)—and understand it may take a few days to recognize...
How do I use the "bites?"
Our "bites" come in packages with either 2mg, 5mg, or 10mg of CBD in each.We recommend serving the "bites" on an empty stomach and wait to serve a meal for at least 30 minutes.  Many dogs enjoy their biscuits before...
How do I use the oils?
CBD oils are administered orally by placing drops under the tongue. If your pet wants to take it some other way, you can also let your pet lick from a small plate or bowl, or just sprinkle it on top...
Will adding CBD oil to my pet’s food affect its absorption?
CBD is best when taken alone or with a small amount of food. Our customers have noticed that mixing our oils into food might slow down its absorption, but that doesn’t mean it will affect its benefits. Taken orally, CBD...
How much is shipping?
We ship everything through the United States Postal Service*, and orders over $80 ship free!Standard Shipping: $7 for first class mail and will arrive in 4-7 business daysFast Shipping: $10 for priority mail and will arrive in 2-3 business days*Orders...