New + Improved Everyday Wellness Recipes

New + Improved Everyday Wellness Recipes

We're pleased to share some big news with you today... after 10 months of hard work and meticulous ingredient sourcing, we're ready to unveil our...


You all know my story... I started baking at home with hemp and CBD in 2014 when Austin was just a puppy.

Over the years we've made some minor improvements to our recipes but, this time, we've supercharged our update with superstar botanical ingredients like...

These new formulas remain focused high quality, natural wellness for your pet through our guiding principles – simple, purposeful ingredients; the best hemp CBD and powerful complementary botanicals.
Overall, you'll find that these are the same products your pets love, just elevated to be faster acting, longer-lasting, and even more effective.
Thank you to everyone who was involved in testing each version. I'm really, really grateful for all your comments and feedback.
We've put together a guide to all the exciting updates for you. Just follow the link below.

I'm grateful to have you on this journey with us, and I can’t wait for you to try our refreshed collection with your pets. Thank you, again, for supporting our small business.

Please be sure to write in and let me know what you think of our improved classics!

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