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CBD Dog Biscuits

CBD Dog Biscuits

From $24.95
From $34.95
From $44.95

CBD helps support metabolic function, bone health, proper joint function, heart health and skin/coat condition, as well as improves recovery after a long hike. Our CBD biscuits will help your...

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CBD Pet Oils

CBD Hemp & Salmon Oil for Pets

From $24.95
From $44.95

Infused with full spectrum, organically grown CBD, cold pressed hemp seed oil, and wild Alaskan salmon oil; this will be a welcome addition to your pet’s current diet.

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CBD Pet Oils

CBD Extra Strength Oils for Pets

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From $99.95
From $149.95

Our Extra Strength Organic Oils are perfect for large breed dogs, pets needing additional CBD due to illness or injury, horses and even people!

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What’s Inside Matters. A Lot.

I started baking CBD biscuits when my dog, Brady, was beginning to feel the years in his sweet...


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