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Spring's here - and the sun is (mostly) out.  What's that mean?
Why, more time outside, of course!

After a long stretch of wintery weather, the spring thaw has finally arrived - and bringing those bodies outside in the sunshine feels GOOD.  Biking, hiking, long walks, maybe even firing up the grill, and all accompanied by your furriest family member?  Nothing's better. 

Except when our little friends (pollen, dust mites, mold spores, and insects) decide to tag along with us.  No doubt we're all familiar with the itching eyes and runny noses that tend to plague us this season - and it's all too easy to grab some antihistamines at the drug store.  But pets?  They can suffer in silence.  Look for itchy skin, incessant paw licking - even sneezing and an (extra) wet nose.  Pretty common.  Completely natural.  Unbelievably annoying. 

Now, the good news: CBD can help by reducing the amount of histamine released into the bloodstream (histamine is the itchy stuff).  CBD can also reduce inflammation - thus helping to alleviate any bothersome hives or swelling that can accompany allergies.

That's better, isn't it?  Whether you prefer biscuits or oils, our handmade products are infused with the finest full-spectrum CBD you can source, allowing you and your pets to renew and invigorate yourselves to the hilt!



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