Meet the Dogs: Bailey (No More Wiggles)

Meet the Dogs: Bailey (No More Wiggles)


Austin and Kat's Bailey's No More Wiggles

What is a functional CBD dog biscuit? It's not just about CBD. Equally important are THE OTHER INGREDIENTS - herbal botanicals to be exact. With the help of a team of pet food scientists I've formulated a unique and incredibly functional line of bites and tinctures.

There's an immense amount of botanical ingredients that when added in an efficacious amount (meaning a useful and specific amount) can compliment CBD and provide your pets specific needs an aid in helping to energize, calm, relieve, and soothe your pet for whatever life throws at them.

Each of our 4 functional formulas were inspired with the needs of a real dog in my life and their unique needs. 

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Bailey is the ever-nervous nellie.

Bailey and Austin are best friends, but they couldn't be more different. Austin jumps head-first into everything, while Bailey stands back and observes. The more the girls (Harriet & Imee) and I can ease Bailey into a situation, the happier he is - and CBD helps.

Whether it's fireworks, thunderstorms, a visit from the postman, or a trip to the Ballard Farmers Market, Bailey is more at ease with these special biscuits. They're made with full-spectrum CBD and other soothing ingredients like valerian root, chamomile, lavender and rosemary.

It's as calming to him as your favorite cup of tea is to you.

If your pup struggles with the stressors in their life then No More a Wiggles is the answer! These functional treats with efficacious amounts (just the right amount!!) of herbal ingredients will help calm and soothe; and provide your pup just what he needs when life gets hard!

Try Bailey's No More Wiggles

Does your dog need a little help with the wiggles? 
Try our latest formula and let me know what you think!

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