Meet the Dogs: Austin (Active & Working Dog Recovery)

Meet the Dogs: Austin (Active & Working Dog Recovery)

Meet Austin


What is a functional CBD dog biscuit? It's not just about CBD. Equally important are THE OTHER INGREDIENTS - herbal botanicals to be exact. With the help of a team of pet food scientists I've formulated a unique and incredibly functional line of bites and tinctures.

There's an immense amount of botanical ingredients that when added in an efficacious amount (meaning a useful and specific amount) can compliment CBD and provide your pets specific needs an aid in helping to energize, calm, relieve, and soothe your pet for whatever life throws at them.

Each of our 4 functional formulas were inspired with the needs of a real dog in my life and their unique needs. 

Austin and Kat Frisbee

Meet Austin.

Austin has an incredibly active life here in Seattle. He loves long walks and runs around Green Lake and drags both Tim and I on runs on the Burke-Gilman Trail, but he's most excited when he sees us packing our gear for overnight hiking trips.

I developed his nutrient-dense biscuits to support him when he's out there pushing himself. Made with full-spectrum CBD, salmon, blueberries, and eggs, they provide the necessary building blocks to keep him at his peak.

The special blend of ingredients improves his energy, keeps his sore muscles and joints at bay, and helps him recover more quickly after long, adventure-packed days. No matter how hard we go today, I know he'll be up and eager to go again tomorrow.

Our new Active Formula is designed for those dogs burning extra calories, on the go hunting, doing agility courses or hiking up mountains!

Inspired by our many adventures through the wilderness they are made with US grown hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD, salmon, blueberries, and egg, and they provide the necessary building blocks to keep dogs ready for the day’s adventures.

Austin's Active Recovery CBD Formula

Try some with the active dogs in your life,
and let me know what you think!

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