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The holidays are here, and it’s time to deck the halls with friends and family, fuzzy and otherwise. That makes this a good moment to remember that even though the season’s trimmings bring joy to the human world, some are nothing but humbug for our pets . Here are ten important ways to make sure everybody stays safe:


  1. Keep the holiday greenery away. Mistletoe, holly, amarylis, and lilies are toxic to dogs and cats. Poinsettias aren’t as bad, but they can still make them pretty sick so take precautions. 
  2. If you have a tree, a corner is the safest place to put it. Secure it the wall or ceiling with some fishing line so eager puppers and others can’t knock it over. 
  3. Skip the tinsel and edible tree decorations, and keep the low-hanging ornaments out of reach. They could cause choking and injuries, and nobody needs an emergency trip to the vet on their holiday to-do list!
  4. Don’t use any water additives in your tree stand (a.k.a. their favorite new water bowl). These products can contain unhealthy chemicals. 
  5. For our feline BFFs, a tree is pretty much the world’s coolest cat toy. Place aluminum foil around the base (cats hate walking on it!) or hang a few lemon-scented car fresheners on lower limbs to prevent incidents.
  6. Keep all your temptingly chewable temporary power cords hidden and out of the way.
  7. With all those goodies around, watch out for four-legged thieves and guests who help them! We keep this favorite list of no-no’s on hand to remind everybody of common food dangers. 
  8. Stash guests’ belongings out of reach. Closed guest room doors and a coat rack or two will keep wandering noses from sniffing out things they shouldn’t. 
  9. Don’t forget the holidays are full of upheaval from our pets’ point of view. So make sure they have a quiet place to escape to if celebrations get a little too much.
  10. Some CBD might help, too. If you have an anxious pup or a nervous kitty, a little may go a long way toward keeping them calm, cool, and collected until we all make it safely to 2020.
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