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Do you need a new off-leash hangout spot for your pup? We compiled the top 10.

Dog parks can be one of the best places to bring your pupper in a city. It's a place they can meet new dogs, get their zoomies out and have fun - all in the same place. In addition, off-leash dog parks can be beneficial to you as well. You can meet other dog parents and learn about new ways to keep your pup healthy and happy. It's a win-win for everyone.

Seatle is lucky enough to be one of the most dog-friendly cities in the US. You can take your dog to work in the mornings and to a brewery in the afternoon. Unfortunately, backyards are getting rarer and houses are getting smaller. So if you're lucky enough to live close to a dog park, it can be a godsend. 

Here's a list of the top 10 off-leash dog parks in Seattle, from north to south. to help you find your pup's next hang-out spot.


1) Golden Gardens Park

At 1 acre, the park is large enough for dogs to run around and if you have a smaller pup, they even have a separate area to make them feel more comfortable. Golden Garden Gardens Park is best visited in the evening when you can walk down to the water to watch the sunset. 


2) Magnuson Park

Magnuson Park is the largest off-leash park on the list, and with it comes all the room needed to throw a frisbee. In addition, it is the only park with access to the water (Lake Washington) and if you have a water-loving pup like Austin, they will be in heaven. Afterwards, be sure to stop by the Seattle Barkery where you can buy a coffee for yourself and a pupcake for the pupper. (PS- they sell local Austin and Kat CBD treats there as well)

3) Woodland Park

It may be one of the most crowded parks on the list, but for good reason. With a big hill in the middle and a large water station, they can run their energy out and refresh all in one. You can also take a walk around the popular Green Lake afterward if they still have a bit of energy left.

4) Magnolia Manor Park

Perfectly located for Magnolia residents, this park features a designated 'chuck-it' area and water zone. It's also in the same neighborhood as DIscovery Park- the largest park in Seattle, and a must-see for any local.  

5) Kinnear Park

Kinnear Park maybe a little smaller than most off-leash dog parks, but it has a fabulous view of the ocean and has some wonderful trails to walk around after they get their zoomies out. 

6) I-5 Collonade Park

This off-leash park is unique in that it is under the I5 freeway so it protects pupperino from the hot sun or Seattle rain. It also has a full set of stairs that is perfect for those especially active dogs. 

7) Regrade Park

Regrade Dog Park is centrally located for downtown Seattle residents. It may not be the most beautiful or largest space, but it works well for all those energy-filled apartment pups. 

8) Dr. Jose Rizal Park

With 4 acres of grass to run around in and a stellar view of the Seattle skyline, Dr. Jose Rizal dog park is worth visiting even if it's out of your way. But don't be surprised if they come home with muddy feet after a rainy Seattle day. 

9) Genesee Park

For those rainy days, the Genesee Off-Leash Park is perfect since it has gravel for most of the groundcover. It also features a kiddie (I mean puppy) pool for those hot summer days. 

10) Westcrest Park

Westcrest Park features trails, trees, open space and a doggie drinking fountain so every pup has what they need. Like Golden Gardens, it has a separate fenced area for shy or low energy pups to hang.


Remember, though it’s all fun and games to our pups, meeting and greeting other dogs, exploring new territories, and heeding your commands can easily tire a dog out.  Help them settle in after a fun-filled day by giving them a CBD dog biscuit.  It can help them recover quickly so you can return to their favorite parks tomorrow.


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