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Brady's Senior Formula

8 reviews

In honor of Brady - our Senior Formula was developed through Kat's years of experience with CBD and older dogs. Created for pets 6+ years old and entering their golden years, starting to slow down and maybe getting a little bit grouchy, our Happy Healthspan formula is a reliable way to promote long term health and enhance the immune response. 

We include the perfect balance of CBD-rich hemp extract with cold-pressed hempseed, coconut, and green-lipped mussel oils for a healthy and tasty way to get greater enjoyment out of each day. What makes this formula even more special is its wide range of complementary botanicals, like Reishi mushroom, Gingko biloba, bilberry, hawthorn berry, and turmeric.

Together, they work synergistically to aid cognition, eye health, immunity, and circulation.

For consistency you can depend on, calibrated medical-grade droppers offer easy-to-read measurements and repeatable dosages. 


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We've folded our premium hemp oil extract into proprietary blends of fat optimized for complete absorption and whole-body metabolism. For Brady's Happy Healthspan formula, we've selected natural products from around the world to complement our cannabinoids and promote long term health and homeostasis:

  • Organic Turmeric extract: chock-full of curcuminoids and aromatic compounds, turmeric extract helps your pet maintain optimal health and homeostasis. Sourced directly from India, extracted from root and rhizome.  
  • Wild Reishi mushroom: fungi-fueled immune enhancing effects are delivered by exotic mushroom-based polysaccharides and tri-terpenes, natural biproducts of mushrooms wild-grown and harvested in the northeastern United States.
  • Organic Gingko Biloba: potent polyphenols like bilobalide support a healthy brain and nervous system
  • Organic Bilberry: a cousin to the blueberry, bilberry is packed with flavonoids that promote longterm eye health and function
  • Organic Hawthorn berry: from USDA-certified organic berries, supports cardiovascular health and circulation through a wide-spectrum of beneficial natural compounds including quercetin
  • Green lipped mussel: a New Zealand shellfish that naturally produces furan fatty acid to support joint flexibility and combat stiffness and soreness


was encountering the bumps of aging.


The Austin and Kat story began with my daughters, Mia and Lydie, and our Duck Tolling Retriever, Brady. In 2014, Brady was 12 and encountering the bumps of aging, so I created an all-natural way to help him regain a bit of the pep he'd had in his step.

While Brady is no longer with us, my passion for learning how to help dogs age gracefully drove me to seek out helpful herbs, botanicals, and other ingredients—and inspired my Senior Blend (I like to call it my Happy Healthspan blend). It’s made with US grown hemp oil extract, along with a host of amazing natural products like Reishi mushroom, BIlberry, turmeric, and Gingko biloba to lend your dogs a helping paw in promoting homeostasis and long-term health. 


Every tincture is coupled with medical-grade calibrated droppers for precise measurement and consistency of dosing. Oils provide an onset of quick relief as absorption starts in the mouth (within 15-20 minutes), 40-60 minutes later a more pronounced effect should be noticeable.  

Administer orally at least 30-45 minutes prior to a full meal.

  • Pets less than 25 pounds should start with 0.25 mL, or one 1/4 of a dropper (3.75 mg of CBD)
  • Pets between 25 and 50 pounds should start with 0.50mL, or one 1/2 of a dropper (7.50 mg of CBD)
  • Pets larger than 50 pounds should start with 1.00mL, or one full dropper (15.0 mg of CBD)

Repeat dosage every 4-8 hours as needed. Every pet is different and you know your pet’s needs best. Some may require more per dose, while others may require less.

Best practices:

The best practice for introducing hemp into your pet's daily regimen is to start on the low end and build up from there. 

  • Use 1-3 mg per 10 pounds of pet weight, and look for a noticeable change in their demeanor.  For more reactive situations or severe discomfort, begin with a minimum of 2-3 mg per 10 pounds of pet weight
  • If not you do not notice a change, administer an additional ½ dose.
  • The most important thing is to pay attention and adjust as you see fit. You are your pet’s best advocate.
  • Do not put the dropper into the pet’s mouth as you may introduce bacteria, instead place the oil into a small bowl, apply to a piece of dehydrated food, or mix with a small amount of food. 

Lab Tests

Everything we produce is third-party tested to guarantee cannabinoid potency and zero contamination from heavy metals, solvents, or pesticides.

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19 Jul 2020
Gadget's M.
United States United States
Great stuff!

A local pet food store recommended Austin & Kat's CBD Oil when I was searching for a product to treat Gadget's back pain. He developed collapsed discs a year ago (the Daschund curse), and the vet treated him with narcotics and antiinflammatories which really upset his stomach. This past month, I transitioned him to the Senior Formula and he's doing fantastic. Not only is his pain in-check, his arthritis has subsided as well. He'll even play chase around the house with his little kitty brother. Gadget is estimated to be 11+ years old, so he's in his geriatric years. This product is key to keeping him comfortable and helping him achieve a good quality of life in his golden years. Becky provided outstanding customer service and was willing to reach out to the manufacturing team to answer my questions. One important note, I give it to Gadget on a spoon so the thinks he's getting something "special" instead of putting on a treat or food.

10 Jul 2020
David M.
United States United States
Great product

This is one of the best medicine for my 14 year old dog, she has had arthritis now for 3 years doctors prescribed her anti inflammatory medicine which always messes with her stomach, this product after 3 days has done the most amazing job, I just have to say thank you she is doing great now.

15 Jul 2020
Austin and Kat

We love hearing that Brady's senior is helping with her arthritis. thank you so much for the review.

07 Jul 2020
Michaella R.
United States United States
Great once I got her used to the taste

I have previously given my almost 13-year-old girl Shila the Brady’s Senior Blend and Bakko’s Get Up and Go treats which she loved! I was super excited to try this oil as an alternative. I have now tried two different ways of giving it to her so I’ll touch on both. First - I am a work commuter so I feel like I’m always in a rush to get out the door. Due to this and my girls unease of anything touching her, I started by putting the oil over her dry food and mixing it in. I did notice a difference after a few doses (only twice a day - 1 morning; 1 evening) though it definitely did not work as well as the treats and she did not seem to really like the smell so she would wait a little bit longer to eat her food. I think she got used to it though and it wasn’t such an issue after a few days. I then noticed she was still sleeping a lot and not getting up too much so I started giving her a dry treat with the oil dropped onto it. Same thing happened with the smell but she got past it after a few doses and gobbles them up before her meals now! She is lifting her head while laying down and getting up more regularly. I am definitely pleased with this and I now alternate between the Bakko’s oil for daytime and Brady’s oil for nighttime! This oil is easy to dose as it’s marked on the dropper and the directions are very clear!

03 Jul 2020
Nelson a.
United States United States
Was looking for a healthy alternative to anti-inflammatory pills

Back in 2017 Wallace got really sick. He stopped eating, he couldn't walk from point a to point b without falling. When he finally had the strength to walk, he walked in circles. All of it was a mystery for 2 months because of his inconsistent blood work results, but we suspected Valley Fever. He was prescribed medicine to treat it along with anti-inflammatory pills. We hated to have to give him that many pills, so we researched healthy alternatives, and our research took us to CBD, which in turn took us to Austin & Kat. One of the few dog specific CBD companies back in 2017- small business, Seattle based, dog-lovers. Perfect combination! I reached out to Kat because everything was new to me- CBD, sick dog, Valley Fever with a possibility that he would have to take medicine for the rest of his life. Kat was super helpful and put us at ease that CBD was going to be a healthy alternative to the anti-inflammatory pills. Nelson and Wallace are 8 years old now and I have been giving them the Senior treats, but love that it comes in an oil. I give them this formula at night to allow their bodies to rest, recover, and take advantage of all the benefits while their bodies are calm.

24 Jun 2020
United States United States
This seems to be working so far!

My dog, Piper, recently turned 12. She has some arthritis/stiffness and also has gotten more anxious as she's gotten older. I've been giving her the senior biscuits for a few months but it was great to try this oil over the past week. I can put it right on top of her kibble and she eats it right up so obviously it must taste good! I've also noticed a bit more improvement in her mobility and her nervousness. I plan to keep this going to see how much more she can improve!

19 Jun 2020
Nicole .
United States United States
Loving the Senior Oil for my Senior Dog

I just got the new Functional Senior Blend Oil and very excited to actually see the turmeric in the coloring. My dog Winston actually tried to lick the dropper which he doesn't do with the 1200mg. Austin and Kat products have been helping Winston get up and down stairs and manage his arthritic pain. I look forward to seeing the benefits of the adaptogens added to the CBD oil.

19 Jun 2020
United States United States
Such a cool combo and my dog loves the taste

First off what a neat looking package and oil, it's such an interesting color. My dog ate it right up with no problem, which is not an easy task haha. Really like the mushrooms and turmeric, I take both of those already for my own longevity needs!

19 Jun 2020
United States United States
Good for my young at heart dog

Been giving this to my 7 year old mutt for a week now... I still think of him as a puppy but i guess technically he's a senior and not as wild as he used to be. He's a picky eater but he'll lick this stuff straight out of a bowl.

19 Jun 2020
Austin and Kat

Yay! we love hearing pups like the flavor. We are so excited for these new oils thank you for giving them a try and writing a review.