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Bailey's No More Wiggles

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Formulated with soothing botanicals reminiscent of your favorite cup of tea, our Calm & Quiet formula lends pet owners a hand in all sorts of exciting situations. By combining the relaxing properties of hemp with the likes of chamomile and valerian root, making destructive behavior and stress from noise or separation a thing of the past.

Available in both functional hemp bites and tinctures, both expertly crafted to deliver a collection of benefits with complementary effects.


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is the ever-nervous nellie. 


Bailey and Austin are best friends, but they couldn't be more different. Austin jumps head-first into everything, while Bailey stands back and observes. The more the girls (Harriet & Imee) and I can ease Bailey into a situation, the happier he is-and CBD helps.

Whether it's fireworks, thunderstorms, a visit from the postman, or a trip to the Ballard Farmers Market, Bailey is more at ease with these special "bites". They're made with full-spectrum CBD and other soothing ingredients like valerian root, chamomile, lavender and rosemary. It's as calming to him as your favorite cup of tea is to you.


Hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD can help support metabolic function, bone health, proper joint function, and healthier heart, skin, and coat.

For our Calm & Quiet formula, we combined those benefits with:

  • Valerian Root
  • Chamomile & Lavender
  • L-Tryptophan
  • Passionflower

 Each bite is also:

  • Wheat-free
  • THC-free
  • Soy-free
  • Meat-free


*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. This product contains zero THC.


 MEASURE 1-2mg CBD per 10 pounds of pet weight. Your pet may require more support if they’ve been will be in an exciting or stressful situation.

GIVE alone or with a small amount of food. CBD works best when taken on an empty stomach.

WATCH your pet closely to see how they respond.  Our No More Wiggles formula begins to provide results within 30 to 45 minutes and can last 4-8 hours. 

ADJUST serving size until you see your pup is feeling a sense of calm and tranquility.


Key Ingredients

Valerian Root - An herb known for its calming and relaxing properties

Chamomile & Lavender - Herbs known to promote calming, soothing, and rest

L-Tryptophan - An amino acid known to help the body in stressful and exciting situations

Passionflower - A calming botanical known to aid in relaxation and calmness

All Ingredients

Organic CBD from Hemp, Chamomile, Lavender, Passionflower, L-Tryptophan, Rosemary, Valerian Root, Coconut Oil, Cranberries, Gelatin, Honey, Oats, Potato, Sage, Sea Salt, Sunflower Oil, Sweet Potato, Tocopherols


Lab Tests

Everything we produce is third-party tested to guarantee CBD and THC levels and to be sure our products of free of heavy metals, solvents, contaminants, and pesticides.

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17 May 2020
Jessica R.
United States United States

Calms my super nervous GoldenDoodle

My precious Goldendoodle is such a nervous doggie, It seems the older she gets the more anxious she becomes. Unfortunately she is a puke monster in car rides, doesn't matter if it's a 5 minute car ride, the monster comes out. After doing some research I decided to try the CBD Treats and came across Austin and Kat No More Wiggles. I have to say I was skeptical on putting my faith on some treats but we were able to go on a 1hr car ride and the puke monster did not make an appearance, it also helps her sleep better too which is definitely a plus. I highly recommend these treats if your doggie is anything like mine.

30 Apr 2020
Eugenia J.
United States United States


I ordered the No More Wiggles product. The product was a good quality and my dog ate them right up without any protest. (He can be picky sometimes). Unfortunately I didn't notice any change in his behavior.

18 May 2020
Austin and Kat

Sorry to hear that this didn't work out for you. Have you heard of our 100% money-back guarantee?! Ultimately, we want to ensure you (and your pup) are entirely satisfied, so I'll be reaching out separately to see what we can do.

15 Apr 2020
Ashley V.
United States United States

Great for anxious Dobe

I have an anxious Dobe Thor who has struggled in many daily situations most of his life. Recently he lost his brother to DCM suddenly and his 17 year old sister passed away a month later, which left him lost and extremely worried about everything in the world around him. He has a new brother to snuggle, but was still not able to rest through the night. No More Wiggles helps him to feel calm and less anxious. Thank you!

13 Apr 2020
John D.
United States United States

Dixie’s dilemma cured

She has had separation anxiety for years and these treats have been the best ones that we have given her!!!

09 Apr 2020
Maryy B.
United States United States

Oil gave my dog soft

Oil gave my dog soft stool, biscuits gave to both dogs one for pain the other for anxiety bought two bags, at the amount I was giving them it was good for a week, noticed no difference in either dog. To expensive to give more... guess this was just not for me...

20 Apr 2020
Austin and Kat

So sorry this didn't seem to have worked for you! Reaching out separately so that you can receive a refund (we have a 100% satisfaction guarantee). We want nothing more than for you (and your pet) to be happy.

03 Mar 2020
Seattle J.
United States United States

Amazing Treats

5 star responses on my anxiety riddled Redbone Hound, nothing has worked as well as these treats

18 Feb 2020
Amy A.
United States United States

Nice Treat

This is a nice treat, but i have to say i noticed no difference besides my dogs enjoying the snack. I did not see any type of calming or anxiety relief.

24 Feb 2020
Austin and Kat

Reaching out to you to get to the bottom of this, and make sure you're ultimately satisfied. Want you and your pup to get the absolute most out of our biscuits!

18 Feb 2020
United States United States


Awesome. Burly loves them and so do we

24 Feb 2020
Austin and Kat

And we love Burly!

24 Jan 2020
United States United States


My doodle is pretty high strung. Her list of "scary stuff" includes, but is not limited to: visitors, meal time, prep for walks, actual walks, other dogs, cats, car rides, grocery bags, Santa Claus, appliance beeps, and hats. We'll try anything to ease her jitters, as long as we know it's holistic and healthy. Enter: Austin and Kat No More Wiggles! I really think the CBD helps her out, but I was also very impressed with the list of botanicals. She needs two of these biscuits in the morning, but then it's calmer seas and SO MUCH easier to get throughout the day. A great product from a company that really cares.

20 Jan 2020
Becky .
United States United States

Prefect to calm the wiggles

These treats are amazing! I was house sitting my friends little chihuahua Joe Pesci. He is always full of energy, needing attention or playing Detective with strangers on the other side of the door(in an apartment building). He loved these treats and they helped mellow him out to where he just wanted to cuddle up. Thanks Austin and Kat!