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Brady's Senior Dog Blend


What is a functional CBD dog biscuit? It's not just about CBD. Equally important are THE OTHER INGREDIENTS - herbal botanicals to be exact. With the help of a team of pet food scientists I've formulated a unique and incredibly functional line of bites and tinctures.

There's an immense amount of botanical ingredients that when added in an efficacious amount (meaning a useful and specific amount) can compliment CBD and provide your pets specific needs an aid in helping to energize, calm, relieve, and soothe your pet for whatever life throws at them.

Each of our 4 functional formulas were inspired with the needs of a real dog in my life and their unique needs. 

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Brady was encountering the bumps of aging.

The Austin and Kat story began with my daughters, Mia and Lydie, and our Duck Tolling Retriever, Brady. In 2014, Brady was 12 and encountering the bumps of aging, so I created an all-natural way to help him regain a bit of the pep he'd had in his step.

While Brady is no longer with us, my passion for learning how to help dogs age gracefully drove me to seek out helpful herbs, botanicals, and other ingredients—and inspired my Senior Blend.

It’s made with US grown hemp-derived full-spectrum CBD, New Zealand green mussel, glucosamine, chondroitin, vitamins C & E, L-carnitine, and turmeric to lend your dogs a helping paw when they need it most.

If your pup is heading into old age, these treats can help ease those achy joints, make them more comfortable and have a better quality of life.

Brady's Senior Blend

Give your senior dog needs some natural support,
and let me know what you think!

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