About us

I am Kat. You might know me from a triathlon in Maine called Pumpkinman that I have been putting on for ten years...but my journey started in 2014 when Brady, my 14 year old Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, was starting to hit the bumpy part of aging. He still had his spirit, but he was starting to need a little help getting up in the morning; he creaked, moved slowly and on some days he just didn't get up. I had to do something.

What we believe

Our biscuits combine natural and locally sourced ingredients combined with the finest CBD from HEMP oil.  We strive for consistency you can trust, reliable service, and delicious recipes.  We have developed (and are even trying out loads of new recipes) a biscuit  with incredible flavor that animals love.  Austin and Kat HEMP Infused Wellness Dog Biscuits are preservative-free, gluten-free, and made with human-grade ingredients.


Why us?

We aren’t the only one’s creating HEMP biscuits and treats, but we trust in our product. Austin has them every day.  We know a good diet is key to happy and healthy pets, which is why all our biscuit recipes are packed with the highest quality oil and lots of other good stuff (just check out our label).

We’ve created a perfect balance of safety, convenience, quality and tastiness – and ultimately, a finished product that actually speaks for itself.  The Rich Hemp Oil in Austin & Kat HEMP Infused Wellness Dog Biscuits comes from Cannavest, the world’s leading producer of HEMP products.  By utilizing high strain HEMP which is naturally rich in the therapeutic compounds (mentioned earlier) - especially cannabidiol (CBD) we can guarantee a safe and natural alternative for pet owners, with ZERO negative side effects and NO medical conflicts.

Unlike its close relative marijuana, hemp will not give you/animals a head high and does not have any psychoactive properties.  Instead, this highly versatile plant has been used by civilizations for centuries for products, health foods, fabrics, and much more.  HEMP produces less than 1% of THC, the active chemical in marijuana that caused a head high.  Instead it produces the non-psychoactive chemical cannabidiol, which is highly effective in boosting the immune system.  As pet lovers ourselves we want the best for our pets and yours so offering a safe and natural alternative to prescription medications.

And finally, we strive for consistency, accurate dosing, independent lab testing and we have nothing to hide. We stand behind our products and you can ask to see our lab results anytime.