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Does CBD Have Side Effects?

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It’s a good question because even though CBD is 100% natural, it’s still a kind of medicine, and sometimes medicines do more than we want them to.

CBD is no exception. It might occasionally trigger a minor side effect or two in our furry friends. But not to worry—the symptoms we’re talking about here are super mild, and depending on how much you’ve given your pup, you might not even notice them. Still, based on studies in people, it’s possible for higher doses to produce a few slight changes once in a while.

One is dry mouth. We know that cannabinoids can decrease saliva in us humans, so it stands to reason that CBD may do the same in our dogs. You might notice yours is extra thirsty after a dose. Just keep their water bowl filled with fresh water, and they’ll instinctively rehydrate.

You could also see a little diarrhea while they’re getting used to CBD. That was the finding of one of the only studies to actually look at its side effects in dogs. The catch is that the study’s authors weren’t 100% sure it was CBD that caused the upset tummies. So it’s hard to say. In our own experience, we’ve never seen any issues, but it’s worth a mention.

Large doses of CBD also sometimes lead to somewhat lower blood pressure. The worst this might do is make our puppers a little wobbly for a little while. And if your pup is on any blood thinners, it’s best to reach out to your Vet to see if CBD won’t interact with the medications they’re taking - they are your best resource.

That brings us to what may be the biggest side effect of all: drowsiness, which depending on your dog may be the point! This doesn’t surprise us. After all, one of the chief reasons we reach for the CBD is to calm our anxious pack members. It mellows everybody out, but if the dose is big enough, these effects might lead to a nice nap!

But that’s really it. Based on the evidence from the lab to our own kitchens, CBD’s non-toxic reputation looks to be well-earned. Whether we give it to calm our pups or relieve their pain or inflammation, it doesn’t seem to come with any unhappy side effects, and we think that makes it a great way to take good care of our furry best friends.

does cbd have side effects

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