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Austin's Active Recovery

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Developed over 2 years by Kat on her adventures with Austin, we include an array of adaptogens and botanicals to help young dogs and furry exercise companions stay in top physical form. 

Heavy activity can come at a cost, and unassisted exercise can take its toll on hips and joints later in life. With potent extracts of antioxidant-rich blueberry, cordyceps mushroom, and ashwagandha root, Austin’s Formula is specially crafted for managing muscle recovery and keeping your young pet fit.

For consistency you can depend on, calibrated medical-grade droppers offer easy-to-read measurements and repeatable dosages.


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We've folded our premium hemp oil extract into proprietary blends of fat optimized for complete absorption and whole body metabolism. For Austin's Active formula, we've selected performance-based natural products from around the world to complement our cannabinoids:

  • Blueberry: a natural source of antioxidants like anthocyanins and phenolic acids to support a healthy inflammatory response to exercise. From USDA-certified organic berries grown in the Pacific Northwest
  • Organic Ashwagandha root: the performance athlete's secret weapon. Whole-body extract from dried roots, sourced directly from India.  Promotes oxygen utilization and exercise tolerance during aerobic activity
  • Wild Alaskan salmon oil: an ethically sourced antioxidant powerhouse packed with Omega-3's to support physical and mental performance. From non-farmed, non-GMO, wild-caught Pacific salmon
  • Wild Coryceps mushroom: fungi-fueled endurance and stamina for active play and long hikes. Never lab-cultured mushrooms, ethically harvested on the edge of the Himalayan mountains in Bhutan
  • Organic Ceylon cinnamon: 'true cinnamon', native to Sri Lanka. Works with cannabinoids to encourage normal muscle recovery and reduce soreness


has an incredibly active life here in Seattle.


He loves long walks around Green Lake and drags both Tim and I on runs through the Burke-Gilman Trail, but he's most excited when he sees us packing our gear for overnight hiking trips. 

I developed the Active Recovery series over the last two years hiking with our young ball-of-energy, looking to support Austin while he's exercising with us and pushing himself. Turns out these same ingredients are an amazing combination for any young dog, as maintaining free radical damage (especially associated with active play or exercise) is the key to getting a leg-up on their golden years. 

Made with our premium hemp oil extract and awesome ingredients like Cordyceps mushroom, Wild Alaskan salmon oil, and ashwagandha, Austin's blend provides an all-star cast of supportive natural products to help young pups stay fit. Just like my kids, no matter how hard we go today, I know he'll be up and eager to go again tomorrow - I'm always there to remind them life is a long haul (so stretch before exercise, take your supplements, and keep healthy)! 


Every tincture is coupled with medical-grade calibrated droppers for precise measurement and consistency of dosing. Oils provide an onset of quick relief as absorption starts in the mouth (within 15-20 minutes), 40-60 minutes later a more pronounced effect should be noticeable.  

Administer orally at least 30-45 minutes prior to a full meal.

  • Pets less than 25 pounds should start with 0.25 mL, or one 1/4 of a dropper (3.75 mg of CBD)
  • Pets between 25 and 50 pounds should start with 0.50mL, or one 1/2 of a dropper (7.50 mg of CBD)
  • Pets larger than 50 pounds should start with 1.00mL, or one full dropper (15.0 mg of CBD)

Repeat dosage every 4-8 hours as needed. Every pet is different and you know your pet’s needs best. Some may require more per dose, while others may require less.

Best practices:

The best practice for introducing hemp into your pet's daily regimen is to start on the low end and build up from there. 

  • Use 1-3 mg per 10 pounds of pet weight, and look for a noticeable change in their demeanor.  For more reactive situations or severe discomfort, begin with a minimum of 2-3 mg per 10 pounds of pet weight
  • If not you do not notice a change, administer an additional ½ dose.
  • The most important thing is to pay attention and adjust as you see fit. You are your pet’s best advocate.
  • Do not put the dropper into the pet’s mouth as you may introduce bacteria, instead place the oil into a small bowl, apply to a piece of dehydrated food, or mix with a small amount of food. 

Lab Tests

Everything we produce is third-party tested to guarantee cannabinoid potency and zero contamination from heavy metals, solvents, or pesticides.

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23 Jul 2020
Danielle C.
United States United States
Awesome for an athletic dog!

Love using this oil pre/post/and during activity for my dog. A small dose before doing agility levels her down enough to increase her focus while still maintaining her speed. After competitions or activity, a larger dose ensures a restful recovery.

08 Jul 2020
Mariah C.
United States United States
Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop

My 2.5 year old yellow lab Maci has one motto and that’s “if it’s worth doing, it’s worth over doing”. If she had her way she would never leave the beach, hiking trail, dog park, etc and will run herself into the ground. She’s also one anxious pup. We started using the biscuits about a year ago and it’s been a game changer for her anxiety. We recently tried the Austin’s Active Formula oil and have loved it just as much as their other products. Specifically, I’ve noticed a huge improvement in Maci’s ability to relax after a long day of activity. While she does get tired after a day of adventuring, her anxiety sometimes prevents her from relaxing and she ends up being pretty sore after. That’s no longer the case since finding these products! We’re definitely huge fans!

03 Jul 2020
Nelson a.
United States United States
Did someone say PARK? Don't forget the ball!

We brought home 2 brothers (litter mates) thinking they would play with each other and keep each other company. 8 years later they just turned into 85-95lb Labradors that just want ME to play with them. We've been hiking around Mammoth, Sedona; we take walks around the neighborhood, but when I only have less than an hour to exercise them our only option is the park. Thankfully we have local parks where they run around fetching the ball. They only have 1 speed- FAST (and hard). As they've gotten older, we worry about running them too long (and hard). Since they only have 1 speed and they don't know when to stop, we have peace of mind knowing CBD helps them recover. We've been using Austin & Kat since 2017. Started off with treats, and evolved into oils, and I don't even want to think about life without it. I remember taking our first Lab (RIP) to the beach when he got older (back in like 2005) and we had to carry him up the stairs (*insert sad/crying emoji) because he couldn't walk after playing at the beach. Thankfully we've made CBD part of the boys lifestyle that we won't see our pups in that much pain ever again.

26 Jun 2020
Katie B.
United States United States
Proactive while being Active

As a GSD owner, it's common to have the knowledge always sitting in the back of your mind of joint and hip issues forming down the road. My 3yr old energetic, non-stop adventure buddy really packs on miles of high intensity activity every day. We loved the benefits of the functional biscuits and were psyched to get the functional Austin's Active Formula integrated into our routine. With this we are able to function at peak performance while also supporting healthy recovery to keep those hips and joints strong!

19 Jun 2020
United States United States
Former athlete

LOVE the idea of helping my dog get ahead of hip and joint problems later in life. I was young and reckless playing sports in college, never stretching or taking care of my body, and my knees and joints are paying for it now. My dog spends hours outside playing in the backyard and I know helping him maintain his fitness will pay off in the long term. Cheers

09 Jul 2020
Austin and Kat

This is such a great way to protect your pups future. way to think ahead I wish we all remembered to do that. Thank you!

19 Jun 2020
United States United States

I've used other Austin and Kat products and had superb results. I got this to try out with my dog for our adventuring and also to help my cat as it features blueberries and salmon. Since it contains blueberry, I decided to try it out myself and wow! The flavor is amazing! Will be using this for all four-legged, and two-legged members of the family - it's been a hit! (:

19 Jun 2020
Sarah J.
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Can't recommend more!

Bought this oil for our active little pup, really helped calm him down and reduce anxiety. No longer tearing our rugs up! Great product, buy buy buy!